Tuesday, May 29, 2012

These Are My Confessions

1. I have been an absent blogger lately. I don't know what my problem is- I just havent been feeling very creative lately.

2. Or what it might be is that I am so stressed and wore out from work that perhaps typing something that isn't a change-order or an email seems foreign.

3. I am reading 50 shades of Grey, and it made me turn 50 shades of RED reading it. I am by no means a prudish girl but holy cow! There is some interesting sex in this book. I was almost embarrassed to read it on the plane this weekend. One chapter was so crazy I made Wes read it. After doing so, he laughed and asked if I really enjoyed reading such 'smut.'

My answer to him? Why, yes I do! Try as I might, Steven Hawkings' "How the Universe Was Created" does not seem like a book that I would ever want to read. Sorry Honey :)

4. I went on a Memorial Day weekend get away to Connecticut for one of Wes's friends' wedding.... AND I got to meet the family. It was such a wonderful weekend, I wish we could have stayed just a few days longer.

5.  A few months ago when I was writing about how it would be nice to have a 'plus one' at events in my Why I Signed Up For E-harmony post here. And exactly 3 months later after meeting him I was a plus one!

6. I boarded Roxie at a pet hotel for the first time. Gulp! It was terrifying and stressful but she survived and I was happy with the place. I would in fact do it again. I will write about this for your reading pleasure also.

7. I am obsessed with the show "Breaking Bad." Nurse Bestie and her Ginger Hubby have always been telling me I needed to get into it but if Ida known it was this good I would have watched it sooner. It's on AMC and seasons 1-3 can be found on Netflix. Seriously check it out.

8. How good is MadMen right now!? Betty is such a B.I.T.C.H.

9. Some how my jeans have been fitting a little more... uhem... Snug. I am not happy about this and am dieting as of today. ugh!

10. It is rare that I stay up after 11 pm anymore, and sleep in later than 7 am. This to me, means I'm old. And it's scary!

Thanks for staying with me Diary Readers! Tomorrow is Wednesday and the week is almost over! Yee-HAW!


Sunday, May 13, 2012


To My Mama on Mother's Day,

My Mother is the epitome of the word. When I was growing up she made sure that my brother and I had the perfect childhood. And we did. She was a June Cleaver type, except with an edge. Dinner was on the table at 6:00- Always. She would take me shopping for cute new clothes for no reason, and then yell at my principal when he called to tell her I was dressed inappropriately.

To get me out of bed in the mornings for school she would sing the "Time to get up song," a creative rendition of a song I was taught in pre-school, and to this very day the words still haunt me. But I am actually looking forward to the day that I can torment my children with it. 

She made sure that my (inappropriate) clothes were ironed, my hair was done pretty and even through my first year of college helped me write wrote my essays. Shhh! don't tell.

She has been there for me through boyfriends and break ups, good new and bad, new jobs and career paths. I can always count on her to have a solution when I have a problem, even if it's just figuring out what I should make for dinner.

She doesn't care what people think and isn't afraid to be goofy. She is the reason that I am as strong and independent as I am. She taught me to speak what is on my mind, and I do! And to not take crap from others. She told me that I should never throw the first punch, but I should always throw the second. I've taken this to heart!


It's funny, a couple months ago, I was in the car with my little brother and a car swerved out of it's lane, almost crashing into the car ahead of me and making me swerve a bit too. Rather than yelling some crazy obscenity, all I got out was "Crimany! Crazy woman driver!" My brother looked at me like I had gone senile. That is exactly something my Mama would say.

(Three generations)

I also realized that I sit at the dinner table like she does with my feet tucked neatly under my bottom.

I have the strange habit of constantly rubbing my feet together like she does when I am on the couch. It's comforting.

We both refuse to buy store-bought pie crust.

We share the same love for the color pink.

We both have apple cheeks and fine hair.

And we both think John Hamm and Bradley Cooper are sexy.

The older I get, the more I realize that I truly am becoming my mother. Which, in my book is a pretty remarkable person to be.

Thanks for letting me borrow the best parts of you, Mom. I love you.