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Friday, March 30, 2012

If I won the lottery.

I have never been a fan of gambling. Don't get me wrong, Vegas is fun, and I actually enjoy playing a game of Black Jack every now and then. But the way I see it, is if I'm going to throw away my money I would rather buy a pair of shoes or something that I'll actually get use out of instead of 10 minutes of aggravating fun.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling really lucky and decided that I would try my hand in the California Lottery. Don't get too excited, I haven't won anything worth talking about, just a few dollars here and there, but now as the Jackpot has gone up to a cool 640 MILLION I have Mega Millions fever. BAD! I've teamed up with a friend at work and for the last couple weeks have gone $5 each together. Winning such an excessive amount of money has been on my brain so often that I have spread the excitement through my office and we are now all pooling together for the big win tonight!
I am fully aware that money is not everything and so far I've been just fine living paycheck to paycheck but man oh man what I could do with six hundred and forty million dollars. Here's a list.

1. First things first. I would quit my job.

2. Next I would pay my student loans in cash and send a letter that would simply say, "Suck it Sallie Mae!"

3. I would send each of my immediate family members 10 mill.

4. I would buy Nurse Bestie her dream house.

5. Since I'd be looking at real estate anyways, I would buy my dream house(s) in all 4 corners of the USA and one in a warm tropical place.

6. I would visit my best ever Aussie friend in London and sweep her away with all of my friends on a Grecian Cruise.

7. I would party like a freakin rock star in Vegas.

8. I would buy Roxie a friend and a Nanny.

9. I would buy a car. I'm not picky. I would really just like my white convertible VW bug. I might splurge and go with a white convertible BMW, or two depending on my mood.

10. I would think about going into my own design business and flip houses for fun. Big expensive houses!

That's would I would do if I won the lottery. What would you do?


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mad for Mad Men

I am SO excited for the 2 hour premier of Mad Men tonight I can hardly stand it. Mad Men has been my favorite show since the second it came out. I've seen every season multiple times (thanks to Netflix) and could watch them again because they are just that good. Rolling Stone Magazine did a behind the scenes and on the set piece showcasing some amaze-balls photos of what goes on during the filming of Mad Men. Take a look.

"If Rob Lowe had been cast in the part, it would have been different," says Jon Hamm, on the set in L.A. "There was no backstory with me."

(I love this photo with the apple computer. so cool!)
Aaron Staton and Rich Sommer, who play Ken Cosgrove and Harry Crane, on set in Los Angeles.

Hamm at work on set. 
"You have to be mentally acute for a significant period of time," 
he says, "and that becomes pretty draining."

Christina Hendricks, in full wardrobe, makes her way to the set in Los Angeles.

Elisabeth Moss, who plays the ambitious career girl Peggy Olsen, 
has a touch of pride about the fact that Mad Men's stars were relative unknowns before show creator Matthew Weiner put them to such brilliant use. "Matt always says that he basically hired a bunch of not-famous people,but people that had been working for a really long time."

The attention to detail, from conversational idiom to collar-point widths, is
 evident in every episode. The prop team blows you away. There are stacks of old 
Look magazines, genuine expense-report sheets and receipts from a business trip 
(hotel: $2.80; cab to restaurant: $1.12; dinner: $19.44).

Vincent Kartheiser, who plays the slimy Pete Campbell, 
learning his lines. 
"One of my few vanities," he says, 
"is going to a party and people not realizing I'm the 
person they saw in Mad Men."

Christina Hendricks films a scene in the board room on set in Los Angeles.

Robert Morse gets his character Bert Cooper's signature goatee applied on set in Los Angeles.

A view of the wardrobe room on the set of Mad Men in Los Angeles.

Actor and director John Slattery on set in Los Angeles.

Jon Hamm and the crew of Mad Men film a scene on set in Los Angeles.

Weiner starts each season by having lunch with Hamm: 
"It's a rare partnership. I always scribble something down that 
ends up in Episode 13."

"I need not to think about my character," 
says January Jones who plays Betty Draper, ex-wife of Don Draper. 
"Betty is so blissfully ignorant in certain ways, 
so I feel like I should be too."

"There are all sorts of challenges thrown at her," 
says Christina Hendricks of her character, sexy office manager Joan Holloway. "Horrific things. And she consistently pulls it together, cleans it up and moves forward. Sometimes she's walking through mud, but she does it."

Jon Hamm on the set of Mad Men in Los Angeles.

"I don't really have that much in comparison to the way Don 
holds himself. I'm not that guy. I don't really look like that," 
says Hamm.

"I don't need to relate to her," Jones says of Betty Draper, 
the show's most unsympathetic character. 
"The biggest obstacle for me is not to judge her."

"I fly very low on the radar," says Hamm.
 "Mark Twain said it: 'I'd rather say nothing and be thought an idiot than open my mouth and remove all doubt.' Another Missouri boy, Mark Twain. The petulant, shitty movie-star mentality - that burns out pretty quick."

I am also attaching a little teaser to get you in the mood for tonight!  

I can't wait to see what this season holds. I did read in an interview that there will only be two more seasons after this one. It will be a sad day when the show is over.

(Note: All photos and quotes were taken from  Rolling Stone Magazine. The video is from YouTube.)


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dating: Real Life VS. The Movies

In case you haven't heard... I'm dating! Wes and I have been hanging out just over a month and although everything is fun and easy with him, it's not quite as easy as they make it look in the movies. (Go figure) Let me show you what I mean.

1. How in the hell does she look so good for their date?!? When I know I'm going out that night, I wake up super early, do my hair as I would want it to be for dinner, barely put on make-up (I would just re-do it for that night anyways) and then leave work a little early so that I can beat traffic to re-do fix my hair, replace my make-up, change my outfit and be ready by 7. This is stressful!

2. How do they manage to cook a full meal? What I mean is, it's hard enough to do all of the above and go out to eat but to cook dinner that looks like a 5 star chef has concocted?! No freakin way.

3. What happens to the dog when they decided to have an impromptu sleep over?

4. What time did they get up that morning if they're getting coffee from the corner before the other is awake? That DOESN'T happen.

 5. Since when do us girls wake up with perfectly tousled bed hair and pristine make-up? In my dreams.

6. Who is their interior decorator, and how is their house always clean? I find it strange that both the guy and gal have awesomely cool large apartments but they live in NY or LA where the rent is $3,500.00 a month for a broom closet.

7. How do they have so many cute clothes in their closet? It takes me hours to figure out what I want to wear for a date.

8. How come it starts raining at the exact moment it needs to? I can honestly say I have never romantically been caught in a rainstorm.

9. They never have to wait for a table when they go out for dinner. Do they always just make reservations? Some places don't take them. What the hell.

10. Where do these women get off always wearing cute under things? The only matching bras and panties I have are so uncomfortable I wear them only when I know they're getting taken off. SOON!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Sweets Swap Link Up!

Hi ya'll!

My dearest friend, Nurse Bestie hosted a really fun blog swap for spring. 

 Spring Sweets Swap

I got paired up with Jess from Pretty Physicist and she sent me the most adorable and yummy goodies! Check it out! (I ate the candy before I took pictures, so I had to improvise. Thank god for google!)

I also got watermelon twisty sour straws, but I ate them too and couldn't find a photo. haha! I love candy.Make sure to stop by Jess's page to see what I got her!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Palm Springs Retreats

This weekend I am going to Palm Springs for my annual Rodger's family reunion. We've rented the same house every time, which I love but man I wouldn't mind staying at one of these local Palm Springs hotels either!

Movie Colony Hotel

 Hotel Zoso


 The Saguaro