Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Tough times never last, but tough people do." 
- Robert H. Schuller


Monday, November 28, 2011


I love these colors. Love them. And I thought you might too.

I love being a girl. Happy Monday all!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Girls Night In

Since I've moved into my new apartment my roommate and I have been on the go. At first she was working days at her big girl job while I was working nights at my restaurant. This last week, now that I have a big girl job too we have both been working days, and by the time we get home, make dinner and unwind we're beat. Friday night I was even in bed, asleep before 10! So unlike me- I used to be a night owl!

Last night me and Kelsey (my roomie) decided to have a girls night in. And it was fabulous! We opened a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas, made nachos and popped in our newest apartment purchase- Just Dance 3 for the Wii. Lets just say two hours of "dancing" later... YES, TWO HOURS. We were still giggling and actually felt like we got a work out in. I have absolutely no rhythm, or coordination for that matter, but I definitely recommend the game. We had a blast! My goal is to have a couple of the dance routines down by heart so I can bust them out the next time I go out to the bars. That would be freakin' awesome!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, November 24, 2011


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year! Once Halloween hits, all the best holidays are just around the corner, like this one. Aside from all the delicious food, (My little turkey will be in the oven shortly.) It's always nice to be reminded how lucky we are to have amazing friends and family to share such a special day with. On that note, I would like to share a few things that I am thankful for!

1. I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends. They put up with me on a daily basis, and still want to be in my life. They are my support group when I need a shoulder to cry on and my celebration cheerleaders when something anything exciting happens. I love them, and I am thankful to have them in my life. 
2. New acquaintance. I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason and that goes along with the new people that come into my life as well as old friends that get reconnected. Each person plays a role that I think helps make me who I am and also who it is that I am going to be.
3. My education, which again relays back to my family. I have two degrees that were not cheap and my parents were kind enough to not only help pay for my schooling but also stand behind my decision to go back to school for my Interior Design Degree. Without my education I would not be able to pursue my dreams. So thank you.
4. My new job. Although it started off a bit rocky. Read about my first days experience here. I am thankful that my new boss had the faith to give me a second chance and also believe in me to hold so much responsibility. I have only been at it for a couple of days but am excited to wake up and do something that I truly love to do. It makes the neck deep student loans that I have to pay seem worth it.
5. My new apartment. We finally got the TV mounted on the wall last night and have a few little details to add before it will be a complete bachelorette pad. Housewarming party to come soon! I love coming home to it, and I love waking up in my pretty room. It seriously helps to love where you live!
7. California. Silly as it may seem, I really am thankful for it. Sunny days make me happy, plus it doesn't hurt to walk outside and see palm trees. EVERYWHERE! California holds a special place in my heart. I have grown up here, all my dearest friends are here and whenever I am flying back here from a trip, I am always glad that it is my home.
8. Roxie. She stresses me out regularly, and is always a constant thought in the back of my mind. But she really does light up my life. She is my little shadow that I can't escape from a true companion, and although difficult, she is my baby and I love her.

I thought you might also enjoy some beautiful fallish pictures that I found via Pinterest, and was saving for the right fall day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Working Girl

Today was officially my first day of work because of a MAJOR snafoo yesterday. Major ya'll. Here is what happened. I woke up early, got all dolled up and came in to work, very nervous but excited nevertheless. When I walked in, something felt strange and they told me I had to sit in for another interview! What!? I already had three and was told I had the job! So the 4th interview was awkward to say the least. They asked me questions about my driving record, asked if I had ever gotten hurt at work and talked about illegal drugs. Then they asked me for a second copy of all of my referrals. 45 minutes later I was in my car and trying to put together what just happened, and most importantly, why I wasn't working! 

After a minor emotional breakdown and a car drive of wallowing in my own self pity I decided I was able to hold it together enough to call my Dad. My dad is VERY rational, and always seems to know what to do in tough situations. He said to call the owner and ask what happened. So I did just that.

And good thing I did!

After talking to him, I discovered that the reason they were so weird that morning is because my background check came back and showed I had not only a suspended license but had also filed for workers comp! My first thought was 'Has someone stolen my identity?!' followed by 'Have I been driving with a suspended license and not known it?!' I knew it couldn't be right because I have NEVER filed for workers comp before. After a long talk with the company, a trip to the DMV to make sure prove that my driving record was clean and calls to all my referrals they decided to re-run my background check, and whadoyaknow, it came out clear! Turns out the company who does the background checks had my social wrong. Thank the lord. 

So needless, to say my new company was very apologetic and my first official day was today! Yay.


I have never had a real Big Girl job before, so I was tickled pink when I came in this morning and had my own little desk, a top of the line laptop, an ipad and a company cell phone waiting for me. SO cool! And pretty soon I'll get my own business cards! Woot Woot! 

So the lesson of the day? Good things never come easy. And when things go array, call Daddy.

Also, if you have not seen the movie "Working Girl" shame on you. Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver and a killer 1980's sound track. It's a must see. 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Keeping Calm.

Tomorrow is my first day at my new job! My big girl job. The one that I spent three years of sleepless nights and homework on holidays for. I am very nervous but I'm going to keep calm and sparkle

Wish me luck!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Bitch Is Back!

Hi Ya'll!

It feels good to finally be back after a long time of hiatus! So what is it that I've been doing while I was away? Let me share with you!

I went on a 7 day cruise to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta for my Dad and amazing new Step-mom's wedding.

This was our ship, The Carnival Splendor.

The quickest Wedding Ceremony I have ever witnessed, which was perfect and gave us plenty of time to enjoy what you see below!

This was our reception spread. Crazy right? Plus we had an open bar for 2 hours. 

The girls of the Cruise/Wedding party: Me, Debster the bride and Deb's friend Carol.

This was my champagne! Delicious!

After, the reception... And Muster Station Drill, we had a dance party!

My brother got a little carried away.

Me and the beautiful bride.

And I met a cute boy, who coincidentally is the owner of that sign above.

On Halloween I partied with Rock Stars! Deb, my Dad, and two other cruise goers.

My Dad, the 80's Rocker, Me (I'm a sailor, which I thought was fitting since we were on a boat) Carol was Marilyn and Debbie was a Disco Groupie!)

And we danced some more!
Me and Joe the fireman along with Maverick and a Bumble bee.

Our first day in Cabo we went on a glass bottom boat tour. Who knew tropical fish really like tortillas!

This was us Girls on the boat tour. Cabo was beautiful. And it was cool to ride on the Sea of Cortez one minute which was smooth and calm and then head in to the Pacific Ocean which was rocky. There was even a water temperature difference!

Of course in Cabo we had to stop at Cabo Wabo for some frosty margaritas!

After one day at sea we were in Puerto Vallarta!

Me and my brothers bestie/ my really big "little brother" Tanner doing some sight seeing. 

Puerto Vallarta was beautiful, but unbelievably hot!

To cool off we stopped at Senor Frogs for drinks. Tanner did tequila shots!

Sol was the beer of choice in Mehico. It was delicious.

This was my punishment for not taking a tequila shot.

On our way back to the ship we ran into a little place selling 3 Coronas for $5! So we took advantage. 

This is Tanner trying on all his Mexican Purchases. Apparently he's a Packers fan.

The view from our Cabin. Breathtaking.

Our room Steward made us towel animals. And the boys always put them in my bed for when I got home.

I like this one the best!

The day we got back, we got off the boat, dropped the fam off at the airport and then me and my little brother headed to my NEW apartment to help my Mama (who was watching my little wiener dog for me) move me from the old place to the new place. It took 3 days and a moving sale but I finally got moved in. I'm still doing some unpacking, but promise I will post pictures this time as soon as I am done.

After my mom and brother headed back to Seattle, I took a couple days to get my life settled in, and started back to work at my waitressing job. I got an email from my student advisor from the Art Institute for a job lead with a kitchen and bath company. Not thinking anything would happen, I called the design firm and what do ya know, the next day I was on a ride along interview with Alex the owner and got the job! I signed all the paper work yesterday and officially start on Monday! 

SO, as you can see, my life has been a crazy whirlwind of events he last couple months. I'm hoping that  by next week I will finally be completely unpacked and hopefully get easily settled into my exciting new job. If anyone happens to know of a dog sitter/ walker in the Mission Viejo area, please let me know. Little Roxie is a major concern of mine while I deal with this new chapter of my life!

Happy Thursday everyone!