Wednesday, September 26, 2012

182.621 Days of Happy

Warning: This post is going to be mushy, gushy and lovey, dovey. Read at your own risk!  Don't say I didn't warn you- Sorry. 

Six months ago today, little Wesley and I made our relationship official. It was even posted on Facebook so you know it's legit. Looking back at where I was a year ago, I would never have thought that I would be in such a great relationship with such a wonderful, loving man. The big kicker is- we met online.... And even crazier! I was a bit skeptical when we went on our first date. Read about my initial thoughts on him here, and about how I changed my mind about him here and here.

The thing that I love most about Wes is the fact that he is not the normal guy that I tend to go for, looks and personality wise. But he is everything that I have ever wanted.

Six months seems like a very short time to know someone, and it is, but I am quite positive that he is my penguin, my lobster, my stud muffin. Is he annoying? Sometimes. Most of the time I am happy every second that I am with him. He makes being in a relationship easy, and trust me. I am a seasoned dater and that is a rare thing to come by. I don't question how he feels about me because he tells me. I never have to worry about what I look like with no make-up on and greasy hair because he lets me know I'm pretty anyways. He welcomes me to any social outing that he's going to, not because he has to, because he wants to- unless it's a boys night of course! He is also smart and successful. I got a catch ladies. Seriously.

SO when did I know it was love? Actually, it was pretty early in our relationship, when I met his friends for the first time. And lucky for me, they are just as amazing as he is. It was also when I saw how he interacted with Roxie. Any guy that is willing to take my pup on walks and ball runs while I am at work is a keeper. Sometimes I wonder if she likes him more than me... She might. I'm okay with it.

Other reasons he's great: There are so many, however, some that come to mind are...

I once complained my feet hurt from working on them all day. I came home and he had got me Dr. Scholl's (for her.)

He lets me sleep in on weekends, makes bagel/coffee runs AND take's Rox out.

He remembers little things I say that I don't expect him to.

He never ever tells me I'm being a bitch. He'll tell me that I'm in a "saucy" mood, or sometimes tell me that I'm being fresh. Thats my que to drop my attitude, and to be honest, I don't even mind. How can you be mad at the world when your boyfriend tells you your being fresh, and then kisses you? You can't. It's impossible!

He bribes me with pretzels and beer. Nuf said.

He's up at 6:30 a.m. every morning to watch stocks and read the news on his ipad. I think that's sexy.

He's political too, which I also like... So different from me!

He like Baseball and Football. The two most important sports in my opinion.

He likes to go all out on vacations. Which is nice because vacations should be times when you spend a little more than you normally would.

He never judges me. I'm the kind of girl who says what she thinks, good bad and ugly. He appreciates that and I appreciate him for it.

He is the king of puns and witty jokes. Some of the stuff he comes up with baffles me, but darnit it's funny!

With all the above said, I have never been happier with my life as I am right now. In a few months we're taking the next step and moving in together. I'm so excited I'm giddy. I can't wait to see where our adventures will take us. <3

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

...and we shed what was left of our Summer skin.

This Summer was a life changing one. In 3 months I've learned so much about who I am and what I want in my life. I fell in love with my dream man and lost an important member of my family in one season. This time of year always reminds me of one of my favorite Death Cab for Cutie songs, Summer Skin. It's the perfect song to conclude the summer. Here are some of the main events that have happened in my life the last 3 months plus some sprinkled song lyrics here and there.

Squeaky swings and tall grass 
The longest shadows ever cast 
The water's warm and children swim 
And we frolicked about in our summer skin 

In June....

We celebrated Memorial day weekend in Palm springs at the Riviera Spa and Resort. This was also the weekend that the "L word" was used for the first time. :) Now it's a constant one in mine and Wes's vocabulary and I hope it stays that way!

In July....

We honored the 4th with a relaxing day and an unexpected romantic firework viewing. It was wonderful!

My Dad turned 49. He's quite the party animal!

Who enjoys a stiff drink every so often. Below is his version of a margarita. Ick.

 I quit my big girl job. THIS is why.

My Mama moved to Vegas and made a pit-stop in Orange County to visit little ol' me!

...And Wes took us to see Young the Giant. They were A-maze-ing live!

Our family suffered a painful loss when my grandfather passed away. Just days after his birthday... He had a good life and was loved by many. I know that even though he's not with us in person, he will always be with us in our hearts.
(my Grandpa, my Brother, Me, and my Grandma)

On the night you left I came over 
                                          And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders 
Our brand new coats so flushed and pink
And I knew your heart I couldn't win
Cause the seasons change was a conduit 
And we left our love in our summer skin

I went with Wes and a couple of our friends to see Tears for Fears and we shouted it out!

In August....

Wes's parents came all the way from Connecticut to visit us and California for the first time on their cross country RV trip!

Unfortunately, his parent's Shitzus freaked out  his cat, and Wes was attacked.

A 3 hour ER visit and 4 stitches later, he was good as new. The cat however, took a week to recover from the trauma and spent 2 weeks after the event, hiding in the closet.

We said farewell to this lovely couple as they left OC to get hitched and start a life together back in their home state of CT. The wedding is October 20th, which means that I'll be taking a little vacay soon! Woot, woot!

We went to LA's H20 Festival to see Wes's friend Nick perform with his band, Santa Mamba.

Where I also got to meet freaking Snoop Dogg/Lion! That shizzle was off the hookizzle. You can get the lowdizzle on that story over hizzle. I'm done with the Snopp talk. Sorry.

In September....

This sweet little muffin turned 4 years old. Or 28 in puppy years!

We had homemade pupcakes and hot dogs for dinner in her honor! Read all about her day and get the cupcake recipe here.

I don't recall a single care 
Just greenery and humid air 
Then Labor day came and went 
And we shed what was left of our summer skin 

I helped Jesus Jugs and her Ginger Hubs move in to their very own home! She has a cute and witty post on her blog explaining their 'Hunt to Homeownership in Numbers!' Check it out ya'll.  

The weekend after we had a much needed girls cowgirls night out at Incahoots in Fullerton.

I turned 27.

Wasn't I a cute little baby?

Wes turned 31 the same day so we took a mini trip to Catalina for the night. It was Beautiful! And super fun.

Just look at this place! Click here to see the whole trip in detail.

And for your musical enjoyment....

I hope everyone had a great Summer as well! I am so excited for what the rest of this year has in store. Peace out Summer! Finally.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's the F**king Catalina Wine Mixer!

This weekend was mine and Wes's Birthday weekend! Yup. On Sunday I turned the young age of 27 and the old man turned 31. To celebrate our birthdays being on the same day, we took advantage of the free ferry rides to Catalina, (for birthday people only) and spent the night on the beautiful island. It was our first romantic getaway weekend alone and it was wonderful. One of the nicest weekends and definitely best birthday I've ever had.

Our ferry left at 7:45 Sunday morning, which is MUCH earlier than I cared for, but well worth it. After waking up at 5:50am and dropping off little Rox at her puppy hotel, we were on our way to Paradise. Literally.

The boat ride there is about an hour and a half and the waters were a bit rocky, but a couple bloody mary's and we were fine!

When we came in to port around 9:15am, the weather had cleared and Catalina was beautiful.

When we got off the boat we stopped and took a few pics of the town before dropping our stuff off at the hotel.

There were very few "normal sized" cars there. Original Mini Coopers and Golf Carts are the vehicles of choice.

See what I mean?

We stayed at the Glenmore Plaza Hotel. It was next to the beach and right in the middle of town. Very convenient, and it was super cute!

Just look at our sweet little beach cottage room! The magic totally happened here.

Once our stuff was dropped off we headed to the Pancake Cottage for breakfast. 

Apparently Catalina is considered 'Birthday Island' the whole town has special offers for your Birthday and they gave us ribbons to wear. It was extra fun being both our birthdays and getting to wear ribbons!

While Wes was busy planning out our day, I took time to show off his birthday present to me. They're Rayban Wayfarers fold ups. They fold to practically the size of the lenses and fit so cute in a tiny little leather case! I love them!

After breakfast we rented a golf cart and toured the town on our own!

There were so many pretty things to look at. I love this pink hotel!

There were also cactus galore!

The view we got from our golf cart tour. It seriously felt like we were on an island in the middle of the Caribbean and not 40 miles from home.

Another couple, also doing the golf cart tour stopped and took this pic for us.

And this one too :)

Wes wanted to look like he was thinking. 

Showing off our Birthday Ribbons!

Wherever we went someone told us Happy Birthday. I thought it was the locals just being nice but Wes insisted that there was some kind of 'plot' behind it. After some Google research it turns out he was right. The locals are encouraged to wish guests Happy Birthday. Interesting....


We took a pit stop to watch some people zip line and take in the scenery and ran in to this little cutie. I tried to see what his name was but the only tags he had on were for rabies, so I guess his name is healthy.

After Golf Carting we went to the pier for some lunch. We had booked a tour on a submarine, so we had some fish and chips and beer while we killed time for our adventure.

I'm not a very good double fister.

I told Wes to pretend he was a Pirate and this is what he came up with. Arrrr!

Some of the fish that we saw through our little window. 

After the Submarine tour we did some more sight seeing. I thought this little courtyard was so pretty.

Then we went to Luau Larry's for some cocktails. Wes got his Wiki Wacked with a Wicki Wacker drink.

I went more subtle with a Pina Colada.

I thought it was hilarious that their parking spots were mini for their golf carts.

After Luau Larry's we went back to the hotel for a nap before getting ready and going out to a romantic dinner at Steve's Steak House.

You can use your imagination for how the rest of the evening went.

The rest of the evening was Fantastic! We woke up refreshed the next day and did a bit more sight seeing before we hopped back on the boat to come home.

Bison are all over the island of Catalina so we had to take a photo in front of this jazzed up Buffalo.

Wes's Dream car....

On the boat to come home.

This is Catalina's Casino. You don't gamble there though. Its more of a theatre/ event center. Inside it is the world's largest ballroom. Pretty neat huh?

The boat ride coming home was much smoother than getting there.

This is coming back into Dana Point.

I loved this dog with his little life vest on, giving us the pirate eye!

On the car ride home I was kind of sad that our trip to Paradise was so short. I would have loved to stay another day. But after picking up Roxie from her hotel and heading back to Wes's, the sun was shining and the trees were glistening and we still had a view of the ocean. I shouldn't be upset. I freaking live in paradise! 

The rest of the day we napped and watched The Voice. A perfect Birthday Weekend!