Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yuletide Dresses!

It's time to start thinking about New Years plans, and while I think I have our night planned, I still need to find a dress. Here are some that I am totally in love with. All via Pinterest!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Giveaway at StressCase

Last Friday my dearest friend, Jesus Jugs was kind enough to host a give away for one of my State prints. I would have given you a heads up but my GM diet had me loopy and I got my days a little mix-matched! Silly me. 

What is a State Print? I'm so glad you asked. 

Here are some examples. I can do the state in any color of your choice, (according to the color chart on my Etsy Shop that is) With a heart in your preferred city.


I can do a the state, again in any color with all of its bordering counties on the side and the heart in your county.

These are perfect for Home Decor as Christmas gifts for that someone who just seems to have everything, or for yourself! The photo below is of the print I gave Jesus Jugs for her Birthday last year, lovingly hung up on prime wall real estate in her living room!

Anyways, it's still not too late to enter and win! Just click the button and you'll be there!

Stress Case

As for my diet. It finished up on Sunday and I lost 8 lbs in total! Yay me. My Jeans now fit again and I can finally go shopping confidently for that tiny little New Years Dress!


Friday, November 30, 2012

Tis the season.... To diet!

I'm Back!....... Again. Finally. You poor souls. What on earth did you do without me?

The last couple months have been a complete whirlwind. Wes and I found a place and as of 15 days ago we are Roomies! It's been really fun, but moving in together has been taking ALOT longer than I thought it would. We both have so much stuff, combining it and getting rid of some of it and figuring out where it all goes has become a pain in the ass. So even though we are 15 day roomies, our new home is only have unpacked. The downstairs is looking really nice. The upstairs....MMmm, not so much. It's a work in progress and to be honest, I don't really care if it takes another month, living together is fun!

With all of the moving and living without a fridge for a week we were forced to eat only quick greasy fast food 3 times a day. And lets not forget, Thanksgiving just passed and even though it was only the two of us and my kitchen was not completely unpacked, you better believe that I made a whole thanksgiving spread. And together we ate almost all of it. Except for the stuff that I put in the freezer for a rainy day. I literally watched Wes eat a whole apple pie to himself in 3 days. While I find that disturbing, I practically did the same thing with the pumpkin. And lets not forget all the eating and drinking that we took part in for dear Andy and Alana's wedding in October. After the last couple months, my jeans were starting to get tight and shirts weren't looking how they used to. Infact, although its been building up for the last 9 months, Wes and I realized on Thanksgiving day that we had built relationship guts. Gasp!

It happened. We turned into Robin and Barney!

So that night we did some research on a couple diet plans and found one that we thought we could handle. The GM diet. I had actually heard about this diet before from Jesus Jugs. So Wes and I agreed that the Monday after the holiday weekend we would defeat the diet together!

The GM diet is a strict 7 day meal plan that is set to help you lose 10-17lbs. Here is what you do:

They give you a cabbage soup recipe that you can eat as much as you want throughout the week. If you would like to see it, it can be found here. The rest of the diet is as listed.

Day 1. 
All fruits except bananas. You can have as many fruits as you like. The most recommended ones are melon and cantaloupe. This day prepares your body for the rest of the days. You can also eat the soup, although I didn't make this until day 2.

Day 2.
Vegetable day. You can eat as many raw or cooked vegetables as you like. It is best to avoid dressing entirely or stick to lemon juice. For breakfast, you need to eat a large baked potato which may be flavored with one pat of butter.

Day 3.
Any fruit and veggies that you like except bananas.

Day 4.
Bananas and milk day. You can eat as many as 8 bananas and have up to 3 tall glasses of milk. You may also have the GM soup. By this day, your sugar cravings should be dramatically reduced.

Day 5.
Is all about beef and tomatoes. Eat two 10 oz. portions of lean beef in the form of steak or burger. You must eat 6 whole tomatoes and drink one more quart of water. The water will help you purify your body from within.

Day 6.
Eat as much beef and vegetables as you like. According to the diet, by day 6 you should have lost a considerable amount of weight.

Day 7.
On this day you can eat brown rice and vegetables, and drink juice fruits.

I started the diet at 116 lbs. Currently, we are on day 5. Beef and tomatoes. Day 4, the bananas and milk day was the one I dreaded most but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm not a milk person and before this day I could not imagine drinking 3 whole glasses of milk. But being deprived of any dairy for 4 days it was actually really nice to have the milk. for dinner I combined milk, ice and bananas and made a smoothie which was very easy to drink. I also had some of the soup. This morning I weighed myself at the scale came in at 111 lbs! 5 lbs lighter than I was on Monday! Wes is down 10 lbs. 

We have followed the diet very strictly, doing everything exactly as the diet states. It has not been easy, however it has gotten easier as the days go on. I actually think that today, beef and tomatoes will be the hardest. Plain hamburger isnt really my thing and 20 oz. is alot for me to eat. We got steaks for dinner so that should be good. After today, the rest should be a walk in the park!
I'll let you know how it goes!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things to consider the next time you go out to eat:

So, I have been a little lazy in the job finding department, but I have some good reasons! First one, unfortunately I make more money waitressing than I would at any Design job I've seen out there. Second, It's easy, stress free and when I go home I don't have to think about it at all until my next shift. And lastly, I'm taking quite a few vacations this holiday season, so it doesn't make sense to get hired somewhere and have to ask for a bunch of days off.

That being said, while I like waitressing I have some pet peeves that I think people who haven't worked in a restaurant NEED to know.

Never tell your server that you want a round of waters for everyone after you've all already ordered beverages. If someone wants water, that's fine, I'll get it for them. But unless someone specifically says they want it, there is no need to speak on behalf of the whole table. You better believe I'm cursing you out in my head when theres 9 people with 9 drinks and then some ass-hole says "and a round of waters for the table." That's 18 drinks for me to get! As if I am not busy enough!

That being said.... If you order a diet coke and a water. Drink the effing water. So many times I see the water untouched sitting on the table and yet you're asking for your diet coke refills! It's frustrating to say the least.

If you've already ordered a cheeseburger and then five minutes later decide that you really want the fish and chips, suck it up and stick with the cheeseburger. Do you know what a bitch it is to have to run and tell the cooks not to make your 'already in the process of being made' burger, ring in your fish and chips and then fix the bill just because you can't make up your mind? Seriously! It drives me mad!

Don't come to a restaurant with a party of 5 or higher and then ask for separate checks. Come prepared with cash, have a volunteer payer to pay and then reimburse them later or split it equally. I have better things to do than fix 8 different transactions so your cheap-ass can have a bill that's the exact amount to the penny.

I understand that in your restaurant adventures you will run into some pretty poor food service. I get it. I myself have experienced this too. But you should know that if you are going out on a Friday night at dinner time, you might not always get the best possible service. Try as I might there will always be that one table that has the curse. Anything that can go wrong will, and I'm sorry for that. It sucks for both parties involved. But please try to be a little sympathetic, the nicer you are to the server, the more likely they will be to try and keep you happy. However, there are some servers that are slow, stupid and just plain rude. In that case I say call for the manager!

If you are in a fowl mood stay at home! I don't want to serve bitchy people as much as you don't want to be served by a bitchy waitress!

If your host seats you in a section never ask to sit in the corner booth surrounded by a sea of empty tables. That means that section is closed and the tables are clean. If you sit there that means that some poor kid (me) has to go back and re-clean that table. No one wants to do that. If you don't like the booth given to you totally ask to be sat in a different section. I'm guilty of this too. But if you want the private booth alone with no one around, than you should probably be staying home and ordering a pizza. Just sayin. Also keep in mind that the hosts are not seating you nilly willy. There is in fact actually a rotation going on and by moving seats you are messing up the rotation.

Do not get mad that there is a wait even though there are empty tables. The reason there are empty tables is because the hosts don't want to overload the servers. Getting "triple sat" and then having to get drinks for everyone and then food orders while keeping control of the already down tables gets tricky. Even if you did get sat it will probably be another 5 to 10 minutes before you get service so either way you're waiting. What's the difference?

Although you may think your kid is cute, I don't. You should be ready to give me all of your kids orders at the table when we are ordering. It is not necessary to give your child 10 different options. And then let me stare at them while they stare into blanks space (probably thinking about my little pony- NOT what they want for dinner.) I am busy. Give them two options. If they can't answer, you decide for them. Or better yet! You order for them! It's much appreciated. Although, I sometimes do get very polite, well mannered children who know what they want and behave. I love those kind.

Don't rack up a fifty dollar bill and then tip three dollars. That's just rude.

That's all I've got for today folks. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and for golly sakes please be kind to your server!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Confess...

I don't vote. Maybe one day I will. I choose not to because I have the freedom to do so and also because I really don't like the nut jobs that are running.

I went to target for some bar soap and mascara and walked out with that and eyeliner and a scarf and sweater and a book and new head phones. All of these things I can absolutely say are must haves!

I am addicted to chap-stick. Burt's Bees specifically. If I decide I need it and can't find it in my oversized black abyss of a purse I get panicky. I have multiple sticks in different places so I don't have to fret.

I watch way more TV than I would like to admit. This may make me lazy, totes aware. But what else is a broke girl supposed to do?

My hair has finally gotten to a length that I would consider long. I'm hoping by next summer I will really have mermaid hair. One can only hope.

I am a picker. A scab, dead skin, a zit. Nothing is safe around me. Gross as it may be, I'd rather not have it on me that have to look at it. Even little Rox is not safe from my mother monkey like ways.

Yesterday I dropped Wesley off at the airport and won't see him until Thursday night. As pathetic as it sounds this is the longest we've been apart and it feels weird. As Kim Zolciak would say: My head is so far up Wes's ass right now, I  don't really take the time to do anything or hang out with too many other people. I'm okay with this and am convinced that as long as I can admit the 'problem' than there really isn't one.

I will be leaving for Connecticut on Thursday to meet up with little Wes and as excited as I am to be there I am nervous thinking about leaving Roxie at her puppy hotel for 4 whole nights.

My toenails never go unpainted. But I don't like my fingers painted- I feel it's too much upkeep!

I don't like hot tea but I love iced tea.

I think I look better in brown than black. 9 out of 10 times I will buy a brown purse or shoes over brown ones!

I am going to attempt to make teacup candles from a tutorial I found on pinterest. If they turn out I'll post them. Wish me luck!

I should be taking care of the to do list that I made for myself and chores that need to be done before Thursday but I've started watching the Lost series last weekend and just can't help myself.

Happy weekend!