Tuesday, May 29, 2012

These Are My Confessions

1. I have been an absent blogger lately. I don't know what my problem is- I just havent been feeling very creative lately.

2. Or what it might be is that I am so stressed and wore out from work that perhaps typing something that isn't a change-order or an email seems foreign.

3. I am reading 50 shades of Grey, and it made me turn 50 shades of RED reading it. I am by no means a prudish girl but holy cow! There is some interesting sex in this book. I was almost embarrassed to read it on the plane this weekend. One chapter was so crazy I made Wes read it. After doing so, he laughed and asked if I really enjoyed reading such 'smut.'

My answer to him? Why, yes I do! Try as I might, Steven Hawkings' "How the Universe Was Created" does not seem like a book that I would ever want to read. Sorry Honey :)

4. I went on a Memorial Day weekend get away to Connecticut for one of Wes's friends' wedding.... AND I got to meet the family. It was such a wonderful weekend, I wish we could have stayed just a few days longer.

5.  A few months ago when I was writing about how it would be nice to have a 'plus one' at events in my Why I Signed Up For E-harmony post here. And exactly 3 months later after meeting him I was a plus one!

6. I boarded Roxie at a pet hotel for the first time. Gulp! It was terrifying and stressful but she survived and I was happy with the place. I would in fact do it again. I will write about this for your reading pleasure also.

7. I am obsessed with the show "Breaking Bad." Nurse Bestie and her Ginger Hubby have always been telling me I needed to get into it but if Ida known it was this good I would have watched it sooner. It's on AMC and seasons 1-3 can be found on Netflix. Seriously check it out.

8. How good is MadMen right now!? Betty is such a B.I.T.C.H.

9. Some how my jeans have been fitting a little more... uhem... Snug. I am not happy about this and am dieting as of today. ugh!

10. It is rare that I stay up after 11 pm anymore, and sleep in later than 7 am. This to me, means I'm old. And it's scary!

Thanks for staying with me Diary Readers! Tomorrow is Wednesday and the week is almost over! Yee-HAW!



  1. I love this kind of post. Glad you're coming back to blogging land. we've missed you :)

  2. Love this post! I couldn't help but think it was written by me after every point. Fun :)