Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Confess...

I don't vote. Maybe one day I will. I choose not to because I have the freedom to do so and also because I really don't like the nut jobs that are running.

I went to target for some bar soap and mascara and walked out with that and eyeliner and a scarf and sweater and a book and new head phones. All of these things I can absolutely say are must haves!

I am addicted to chap-stick. Burt's Bees specifically. If I decide I need it and can't find it in my oversized black abyss of a purse I get panicky. I have multiple sticks in different places so I don't have to fret.

I watch way more TV than I would like to admit. This may make me lazy, totes aware. But what else is a broke girl supposed to do?

My hair has finally gotten to a length that I would consider long. I'm hoping by next summer I will really have mermaid hair. One can only hope.

I am a picker. A scab, dead skin, a zit. Nothing is safe around me. Gross as it may be, I'd rather not have it on me that have to look at it. Even little Rox is not safe from my mother monkey like ways.

Yesterday I dropped Wesley off at the airport and won't see him until Thursday night. As pathetic as it sounds this is the longest we've been apart and it feels weird. As Kim Zolciak would say: My head is so far up Wes's ass right now, I  don't really take the time to do anything or hang out with too many other people. I'm okay with this and am convinced that as long as I can admit the 'problem' than there really isn't one.

I will be leaving for Connecticut on Thursday to meet up with little Wes and as excited as I am to be there I am nervous thinking about leaving Roxie at her puppy hotel for 4 whole nights.

My toenails never go unpainted. But I don't like my fingers painted- I feel it's too much upkeep!

I don't like hot tea but I love iced tea.

I think I look better in brown than black. 9 out of 10 times I will buy a brown purse or shoes over brown ones!

I am going to attempt to make teacup candles from a tutorial I found on pinterest. If they turn out I'll post them. Wish me luck!

I should be taking care of the to do list that I made for myself and chores that need to be done before Thursday but I've started watching the Lost series last weekend and just can't help myself.

Happy weekend!


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  1. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't vote! I never say anything because everyone's always like "It's your civic duty to vote blah blah blah." Kudos for being brave enough to admit it!
    I stay away from Target for that reason!
    I'm the same way about toenail/fingernail polish!