Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things to consider the next time you go out to eat:

So, I have been a little lazy in the job finding department, but I have some good reasons! First one, unfortunately I make more money waitressing than I would at any Design job I've seen out there. Second, It's easy, stress free and when I go home I don't have to think about it at all until my next shift. And lastly, I'm taking quite a few vacations this holiday season, so it doesn't make sense to get hired somewhere and have to ask for a bunch of days off.

That being said, while I like waitressing I have some pet peeves that I think people who haven't worked in a restaurant NEED to know.

Never tell your server that you want a round of waters for everyone after you've all already ordered beverages. If someone wants water, that's fine, I'll get it for them. But unless someone specifically says they want it, there is no need to speak on behalf of the whole table. You better believe I'm cursing you out in my head when theres 9 people with 9 drinks and then some ass-hole says "and a round of waters for the table." That's 18 drinks for me to get! As if I am not busy enough!

That being said.... If you order a diet coke and a water. Drink the effing water. So many times I see the water untouched sitting on the table and yet you're asking for your diet coke refills! It's frustrating to say the least.

If you've already ordered a cheeseburger and then five minutes later decide that you really want the fish and chips, suck it up and stick with the cheeseburger. Do you know what a bitch it is to have to run and tell the cooks not to make your 'already in the process of being made' burger, ring in your fish and chips and then fix the bill just because you can't make up your mind? Seriously! It drives me mad!

Don't come to a restaurant with a party of 5 or higher and then ask for separate checks. Come prepared with cash, have a volunteer payer to pay and then reimburse them later or split it equally. I have better things to do than fix 8 different transactions so your cheap-ass can have a bill that's the exact amount to the penny.

I understand that in your restaurant adventures you will run into some pretty poor food service. I get it. I myself have experienced this too. But you should know that if you are going out on a Friday night at dinner time, you might not always get the best possible service. Try as I might there will always be that one table that has the curse. Anything that can go wrong will, and I'm sorry for that. It sucks for both parties involved. But please try to be a little sympathetic, the nicer you are to the server, the more likely they will be to try and keep you happy. However, there are some servers that are slow, stupid and just plain rude. In that case I say call for the manager!

If you are in a fowl mood stay at home! I don't want to serve bitchy people as much as you don't want to be served by a bitchy waitress!

If your host seats you in a section never ask to sit in the corner booth surrounded by a sea of empty tables. That means that section is closed and the tables are clean. If you sit there that means that some poor kid (me) has to go back and re-clean that table. No one wants to do that. If you don't like the booth given to you totally ask to be sat in a different section. I'm guilty of this too. But if you want the private booth alone with no one around, than you should probably be staying home and ordering a pizza. Just sayin. Also keep in mind that the hosts are not seating you nilly willy. There is in fact actually a rotation going on and by moving seats you are messing up the rotation.

Do not get mad that there is a wait even though there are empty tables. The reason there are empty tables is because the hosts don't want to overload the servers. Getting "triple sat" and then having to get drinks for everyone and then food orders while keeping control of the already down tables gets tricky. Even if you did get sat it will probably be another 5 to 10 minutes before you get service so either way you're waiting. What's the difference?

Although you may think your kid is cute, I don't. You should be ready to give me all of your kids orders at the table when we are ordering. It is not necessary to give your child 10 different options. And then let me stare at them while they stare into blanks space (probably thinking about my little pony- NOT what they want for dinner.) I am busy. Give them two options. If they can't answer, you decide for them. Or better yet! You order for them! It's much appreciated. Although, I sometimes do get very polite, well mannered children who know what they want and behave. I love those kind.

Don't rack up a fifty dollar bill and then tip three dollars. That's just rude.

That's all I've got for today folks. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and for golly sakes please be kind to your server!


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  1. I'm completely in agreement with you!! I actually just left my waitressing job, but you could have read my mind with this whole post. I have never in my life been more polite & understanding to servers as I have since having actually been one.