Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Working Girl

Today was officially my first day of work because of a MAJOR snafoo yesterday. Major ya'll. Here is what happened. I woke up early, got all dolled up and came in to work, very nervous but excited nevertheless. When I walked in, something felt strange and they told me I had to sit in for another interview! What!? I already had three and was told I had the job! So the 4th interview was awkward to say the least. They asked me questions about my driving record, asked if I had ever gotten hurt at work and talked about illegal drugs. Then they asked me for a second copy of all of my referrals. 45 minutes later I was in my car and trying to put together what just happened, and most importantly, why I wasn't working! 

After a minor emotional breakdown and a car drive of wallowing in my own self pity I decided I was able to hold it together enough to call my Dad. My dad is VERY rational, and always seems to know what to do in tough situations. He said to call the owner and ask what happened. So I did just that.

And good thing I did!

After talking to him, I discovered that the reason they were so weird that morning is because my background check came back and showed I had not only a suspended license but had also filed for workers comp! My first thought was 'Has someone stolen my identity?!' followed by 'Have I been driving with a suspended license and not known it?!' I knew it couldn't be right because I have NEVER filed for workers comp before. After a long talk with the company, a trip to the DMV to make sure prove that my driving record was clean and calls to all my referrals they decided to re-run my background check, and whadoyaknow, it came out clear! Turns out the company who does the background checks had my social wrong. Thank the lord. 

So needless, to say my new company was very apologetic and my first official day was today! Yay.


I have never had a real Big Girl job before, so I was tickled pink when I came in this morning and had my own little desk, a top of the line laptop, an ipad and a company cell phone waiting for me. SO cool! And pretty soon I'll get my own business cards! Woot Woot! 

So the lesson of the day? Good things never come easy. And when things go array, call Daddy.

Also, if you have not seen the movie "Working Girl" shame on you. Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver and a killer 1980's sound track. It's a must see. 



  1. That must have been so scary! But I am glad it worked out and your first day was phenom.

  2. Good for you for calling to ask about what had happened. I'm glad you're enjoying your new job now!