Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goldie Locks

All my life I've wanted beautiful 'Mermaid hair' You know what I mean, long and flowy and able to hold fun braids and seashells. Something similar to this would be perfect!

But I can't. I have what I like to call "toddler hair." It's not unworkable or anything, but it's very fine. I can hold a ponytail using one of those tiny rubber-bands made for little braids, and if I tried, I could get it all to hold with one bobby pin! I can grow my hair out but it has to be done at all times and I am mortified that my ears will stick out, I hate when that happens! One day I will be brave enough to grow my hair out super long and put sea shells in it! In the mean time here are some photos of beautiful hair that I dream of having!

How adorable is this braid? I love the hair ribbon.

How beautiful is this for a wedding? I would wear my hair like this everyday if I could.

Who the hell does this child think she is with such beautiful hair?! So not fair.

This might be overdoing it a little but at this point I'll take anything!

This modern day version of Heidi is so cute!

And how fun is this headband?!

PhotobucketHope all you Diary Readers have a fabulous Tuesday!

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