Friday, August 26, 2011

These are my confessions...

Usher isn't the only one who has confessions around here. I, especially lately, have a few more than I would like to share. But as a way to vent (and because it has been way too long since my last blog post) I'm giving it a go.

1. I cannot remember the last time I ate a home cooked meal. I've actually gotten to the point where Subway is the favored lunch place because I feel it is as healthy as fast food can be. This has a lot to do with me moving AND not having a fridge since we moved in last week until today! Do I have to mention how gross I feel because of this? ick.

2. It is shocking to me how cheap 'Craigslisters' can be. I sold a beautiful clean and matching washer and dryer for way less than I should have and bought a mediocre now clean (after 45 minutes of me scrubbing the hell out of it) refrigerator for probably more than I should have. How can anyone not care about what their things look like?!

3. I am in love with my new apartment but not in love with the smell of damp must and mildew that seems to be coming from my closet and under the kitchen sink. This needs to be taken care of promptly and I'm hoping I will benefit a wee bit from this inconvenience.

4. I am flat broke. Yet somehow buying a new shower curtain seems more appealing than making this months rent. (However I am smart enough to know which is most important and will head over to Kohls tomorrow to see what their selection is.) - Just kidding! Obviously Rent is more important! Sheesh!

5. I have missed two whole weeks of the Jersey Shore (due to the move and not having cable yet) and I actually don't really mind this.

6. I may have found a new obsession. I REALLY really  want to learn how to line dance and two step and all that other country jazz that I witnessed at 'In Cahoots' last Friday night. My friends and I had such a good time just watching the dance floor, I'd love to be apart of it. I even found a beautiful pair of Cowgirl boots that I MUST have and will post them on next weeks 'What I'm Wanting Wednesday.'

7. Bradley Cooper is my dream man. I could swim in his pool blue eyes! Watch him in 'Limitless' soo good!

8. My skin is in perfect condition, and I'm waiting for it to go array. I'm wondering if this is due to my considerable lack of daily make-up or if my stress level has lowered significantly. I can't tell yet!

9. I saw 'The Help' and loved it so much I might want to go see it again!

10. I can't decide if the T.V. fits best in the corner or if I should have it hung over the Fireplace.

11. I have put a halt to 'Big Girl' Job searching because I feel like part of my life should be in order before I try and put my future life in order.... This may not make sense given my financial status but I am a firm believer in things turning out the right way and am not worried about this at all.

12. Speaking of things turning out the way they should... I am planning on 'sageing' my new home (once fully unpacked) to cleanse and rid myself and the apartment of bad energy. I've never done this before, but if it helps, it will be worth it! I'll blog about the experience once it's happened!

13. I am really missing my Pacific Northwestern special someone and can't wait for him to visit soon!

14. I Red Boxed the 'Adjustment Bureau' last night, and not only did I love it, It gave me a different outlook on fate.

15. California is not as Ritzy as television makes it seem and yet, I love it anyways!

16. I can't wait for fall to get here, but I CAN wait to turn 26. Yikes!

17. Mulled Cider candles from Wal-Mart are one of my most favorite smells in the world! I have one going right now!

18. My little puppy is so gosh darn cute sometimes I can't stand it!

19. All the girls from high school are getting married and having babies and it's honestly starting to freak me out! I am soo not in that place right now and it's hard to envision others wanting to be there. Don't get me wrong, I would prefer not to be an old spinster and it is exciting to see friends from when I was 16 create little humans that will probably go to our same high school, but all this is scary, and I, despite not really having a choice in the matter am just not quite ready to grow up. Roxie is enough for me to handle at this moment!

And lastly, even with all of my complaints confessions, I am still happy with my life and what I am doing. I am a very lucky girl and sometimes have to be reminded that when things are bad, they could always be worse!...Things are really good here though, that is just a saying!

Thanks for putting up with me today! I hope all of you Diary Readers (If I still have any left!) have a fabulous Friday!


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  1. Mmm mulled spice candle? I want to go to Walmart right now and pick one up! And save it for cold weather, which I kind of want to happen right now.