Monday, February 6, 2012

Me & Betsey Johnson, BFF's -Part 1

After I graduated from FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) I went through sort of a funk. I was living in California still and working as a waitress for Ruby's Diner. My parents were supporting me, and my mom told me I needed to figure something out or *gasp!* move back to Seattle.

That night I got online and applied for every internship I could find. I must have sent out 50 resumes and out of all of them, Betsey Johnson was the only one that got back to me. 3 months after I applied I found myself on a plane headed to New York!

For those of you who have never been to New York, it's unlike any place I've ever seen. I myself had never been before and here I was with no friends and no family just myself and new adventures! It was like being in a different country. I was lucky enough that my Mama, came with me to help me set up my one room apartment and take me clothes shopping to start my new job. We also did some touring!

This is my tiny NY apartment, with not even a bathroom. My Mom decorated it for me while I was at my first day of work!

It came pre-furnished. But we did change out the drab curtains for the fabulous pink ones of course!

My little sink. Check out my door lock. Yup. I had a 'skeleton' style key.

This is what I walked out to from my little building.

And Time Square...

I was lucky enough that I got to be apart of New York Spring Fashion Week and helped set up for it!

Here I am spray painting the V.I.P. table centerpieces on top of Betsey's Penthouse apartment rooftop. 

I also managed to sneak a few photos of the inside. Shhh. don't tell! 

Her 5th Ave. loft was actually for sale before I headed back to California so, I'm sure it's no longer hers- which makes these photographs even more special!

Let's talk about the fashion show! As you know, Betsey's clothes are a little funky. Definitely feminine and flirty, totally fun, but sometimes a little too crazy (for me). The fashion show that I got to work on was "Prom Queen" themed, and holy moly I would have worn everything- straight off the runway if I could have. Check it out. You'll know what I'm talking about!

How cool is it that while the show was going on, I was right backstage next to the models watching the show on a flatscreen to the side? I felt like LC, or Whitney Port. So Cool!

And then afterwards we got to get all dressed up and celebrated at the after party!

Me and some of the other interns!

But wait! There's More!

Stay tuned for next time when I share the inside of Betsey's office and other fun pictures!


  1. Oh my gosh the loft looks beautiful - definitely gives me home decor motivation. You took amazing photos!

  2. I love how adorably tiny your apartment was! It's so quaint, and perfect for being a just-graduated girl in NYC!

    Can't wait to see photos of the office!

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