Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Thoughts...

1. I got a Valentine card in the mail from my little Grandma today. It was pink with hearts all over it and little stickers. It was really cute and made me wish that I received snail mail more often. It's definitely more exciting than the drab bills and junk mail that seem to live in my mail box.

2. I hate Valentine's Day. Hate it. I've never had a good one. I actually get a little anxiety when the day comes and am relieved when it's over. I don't even like pink and red together. Cupid can screw himself. Just sayin. Maybe I'll be singing a different tune someday, but until then...

3. I think my job is driving me to drink. I love my job but there is something about putting my jammies on, cracking open a cold beer and sinking into the couch to watch Toddlers and Tiaras.

4. Yeah I watch Toddlers and Tiaras. At first it was out of boredom because nothing is on at 5-6:30, but now I genuinely enjoy and look forward to it. Call me a loser if you want. I started watching the Bachelor too.

5. I call my bosses "Dude." It may be totally inappropriate but I'm lucky enough that the people I work with are cool and the environment is so casual that I feel it's okay and will continue to do it.

6. I had fast food for lunch and Chick-fil-A for dinner and I don't even care.

7. Today I just found out that Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey has her own sparkling wine: Fabelini. It comes in peach and raspberry! I NEED to try this. Move over Bethenny, there's a Joisey bitch in town!

8. I am continually surprised by how trusting people are. Working with a construction company we need access to homes throughout the day. Almost all of my clients literally give me their house key off their key ring with out a second thought. They also listen to me when I have a design idea and ask for my opinion on a thought they had about their kitchen or bathroom.

I guess thinking about it, it is my job to know interior design answers. I do have a design degree for that reason. But if I tell a client I like one granite more than another they usually go with my choice. It's kind of cool to know that I have that kind of power and am quickly becoming confident in my design decisions because of it. Awesome.

As far as the key goes, clients do need to give us access but they don't have to give me their key 10 minutes into our meeting. Not that they can't trust us, we're a great company but still you never know!

9. I am really looking forward to a down day with my pup tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be a warm 76 degrees and the beach is calling our name.

10. I wore a dress and sandals to work today. With no sweater. In February. I love California.

11. I've been having some off the wall dreams lately and after researching them on the internet (because I believe everything I read)  An aspect of my life is supposed to be growing and developing. Pretty exciting! I actually believe this to be true.

 Happy Friday everyone!


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  1. I hate Valentine's day too...single or not. I've always hated the day, and dread it as well. My mom actually found a cute little sign that says Cupid Is Stupid and knew she had to buy it for me. This year I'm dating someone who LOVES Valentine's Day (a guy who loves this stupid holiday...didn't think that existed) so I have a compromise a little (luckily he's away for training so I don't actually have to go out or anything...phew).

    I found your blog from Casey's Blog (Stress Case) and can't wait to read your next post about interning for Betsey Johnson :)