Monday, February 27, 2012

Back On The Saddle Again! (E-Harmony Part Dos)

More things I have learned about E-Harmony:

1. Guys lie about their height. A. LOT. I don't quite understand this. I'm going to find out that you're 5'6" instead of the 6'0" you have written on your profile sooner or later. Geesh!
2. They don't like to post recent photos. I will explain how I know this in a minute.
3. It's clear that a lot of men don't realize the "grade level" of women that they should be looking at. I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I think on a "regular people scale" I easily rate high 7, maybe 8 and I've been getting hits from guys that I'm not sure even qualify on the scale, THAT BAD! I don't get it. I know where I qualify league wise, why don't they?
4. Based on my past two experiences of online dating, I'm beginning to see a slight pattern. The men I have met were both very sweet and I had tons in common with them... But each of them seemed to be a little... off.

Here is my story.
Gentleman number 2 on E-Harmony looked really cute. He had bright blue eyes and blonde hair (that was cut short and spikey) all in all, he seemed great. He is 30 years old, lives in Aliso Viejo and is an Actuary. What is an actuary you ask? I didn't know either, so I googled it. It's actually kind of a cool profession. This is what it is acording to Wikipedia:

An actuary is a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries provide expert assessments of financial security systems, with a focus on their complexity, their mathematics, and their mechanisms.

Basically what I got out of that is that he's like Ben Stiller in "Along came Polly" but with Money.

I messaged him a few times back and forth and he was very nice. One thing I did notice was that he was a little arrogant. He brought up that he went to a very highly ranked school, and that he just bought a new fully loaded Infinity last weekend. This would normally bother me, but he was cute and my eyes saw money signs! Cha ching! Let me just say here that money isn't everything but boy it sure is something, and I'd rather be rich and in love than poor and in love! Just sayin. He left me his number and I called him. We had a great phone convorsation with loads in common! His mom is a cake decorator, my mom is a cake decorator. He's from Connecticuit, where its cold, I'm from where it's cold,  we're both avid Googlers and the list goes on. After almost an hour, we agreed to meet the next day, Sunday, at the Yardhouse at the Spectrum for Happy hour. I was really excited about this date.
When I met him, I was VERY surprised that, A. his hair was not short and spikey but long and jaw-line length. and, B. He was not 6'. I am 5' and I was almost eye level to him in my heels. It was a little disappointing. At first I couldn't place who he reminded me of and then, as we were enjoying our appetizers it hit me.

Steve Zahn

Almost to a T. Which in my opinion is not quite a bad thing. And he was funny. Thats always a good thing. After discussing our google obsession and him giving me a run down of what red velvet cake really is. Did you know it's buttermilk and a small amount of cocoa powder that causes a a little bit of a chemical reaction and makes the batter red? It's only slightly red so food coloring is added to it making it really red! If you didn't know, now you do. What was I talking about? Oh yes. The things we have in common. After a couple hours of talking we discovered that we were both born on the same day! How crazy is that?!?! I've never met someone with my same birthday. He's a few years older but still thats pretty wild.

I'm finding that with E-Harmony dates, the people I've been set up with have lots in common with me and the conversation can go on for hours. I suppose it's because we are matched up based on our likes and dislikes, but I've never had a date that was supposed to be just a happy hour, ending when the restaurant was starting to close. Of course, no date can be perfect. I'm still on the fence with him. 

I have yet to mention what his Dad does for a career. Wait for it. You'll never guess. When he told me his Brothers and Dad were in the "family business" together and it was not a normal job. With him being from the east coast I imagined maybe the mafia. Perhaps the porn industry. Something strange and cool. Instead his Dad, AND brothers are Morticians. Yep. They hang out with dead people. This is abnormal. He did say that his Dad never grew up wanting to become a mortician, that he just kind of fell into it. I'm not quite sure why it bothers me. It's just gross! He is not a mortician so I wouldn't have to deal with it first hand but still.

The other issue I had was when I went to the restroom and came back he had his credit card out to pay the bill. Because I always think that it's a nice thing to do, I offered to pay half. And he accepted with no argument. I've said this before, it's not a big deal. But in a way it kind of is. I want a man who can take care of me and is generous. He doesn't have to be rich and I don't expect it all the time, but I do believe that regardless of the fact that I offer, a man should always pay for a first date. He failed the test! And after he made it seem he was well off. 

When I got home, he had sent me a text saying that he hoped I made it home safe and that he had a good time. And then today I got a text from him wishing me a happy Monday. Even though he didn't pay for dinner I think the texts were thoughtful.

I've decided that if he asks me out again I would say yes. I'd like to give this one a couple more tries but like I said before, I'm still pretty skeptical and not quite sure how I feel about him yet.

I feel kind of silly being on an online dating website. I feel like I'm on this hunt for love and the dates that I'm going on are like shopping. This makes me feel desperate, and I'm not.  I'm Just ready.

I'll update you if I see "Steve Zahn" again. I've been talking to another guy who seems promising, it will be interesting (for me too) to see which guy will get the next post!

Happy Monday!



  1. I love reading these. I've never been on a dating site but a few of my friends have and it's so popular now that it's interesting to read about someone's experience :)
    Good luck lady!!

  2. I JUST found out about red velvet last Saturday while watching The Pioneer Woman :) I never knew that before. She said she was making her own and I was shocked until she said what was in it and how easy it is.

    I LOVE these stories! I met the guy I'm dating online and it was my first try with online dating and my first "blind" date, so I got pretty lucky :) I knew it wouldn't be like that but after reading and hearing other people's stories, I'm so happy it was! And I love reading about online dating from other people since it's worked for so many people.