Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little hopes and tiny dreams

My old ASB Teacher used to tell us: "Shoot for the moon and you will land on a star." Totally lame. I used to do the teenage eye roll every time he said it. But now that I'm older, I kind of like this cheesy little line, it's actually kind of cute.

This post is going to be about the things that I wish or would really like to be able to do. Am I going to shoot for the moon with all of these? Probably not, but hopefully I'll land on a couple stars anyways.

1. I would LOVE to be able to sing. Or even just play an instrument. One day hopefully I will learn. Its bands like the Civil Wars that make it seem so cool and easy. I wish I could be that cool. Um, plus the male singer is smoking hot! Johnny Depp's twin for sure.

2. I would really like to be a guest at a soiree like one Gatsby would have thrown at his large estate in the Hamptons. Beaded flapper dress, Champagne and the Charleston? Yes Please!

And how fabulous is this already put together ensemble I plan on wearing from Miss Baloo

3. It would be so romantic to have a love epiphany and figure out the one I was supposed to be with,  then run to him like in the movies with this song playing. Of course he would love me as well and we would make-out furiously as the song was ending.... 


4. I would like to have sex with Don Draper. This needs no explanation.

5. I think it would be nice to sleep in, pretend that it's the weekend, snuggle, and of course make banana pancakes. This could happen on any given day, but it never or rarely does.

6. I would like to produce this: .... By this I mean a sweet little girl. - not anytime soon though!

7. I would like to be recognized for my work in a magazine like Better Homes and Gardens. OR Coastal Living. Definitely Coastal Living.

8. Another movie scene. I wish I could drive in the rain and feel a sense of calm and contentness and have this beautiful song come on. Songs never come on when they're supposed to. Doesn't it sound like a rainy day song?

9. I would like to know how to dance. Well. Not hip hop. Real dancing (sorry), like Swing dancing and 'Western' and Salsa and Waltz. Man that would be fun!

10. I would die to have mermaid hair that looked like this:

11. I wish I had a gay best friend or relative (I'm not picky) like Cam from Modern Family. He is totally  my favorite character on the show. 

12. I wouldn't mind driving around in one of these little cuties.

13. And lastly, I obviously need a place to park my new car... What better place than an adorable little cottage, maybe one that looks like this. With a little yard for Rox.

So there you have it. Just a few strange little hopes and dreams that I wish will happen in the nearish future of my lifetime!


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