Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Office.

Although I am an interior designer, I work for a construction company. The office could be a lot worse but it's not glamorous by any means. Not as glamorous as these anyway!

I'm hoping eventually I'll be able to make my little desk look something like one of these. Or even better, I'll have my own office!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. at first I thought that was your real office, i almost fell out of my chair! Those are super cool offices. and that clipboard!! I need it!

  2. It's pretty cool you work for a construction company. When my dad worked in construction I always loved going in the model homes!

  3. Oohh I thoroughly enjoy interior design :) and you picked out some fabulous offices

    Anyway, I just wanted to blog introduce myself.. I'm one of the hosts of the SoCal Blogger Meetup and I saw you're coming. Hhooraayyy, I'm really looking forward to meeting you :)

  4. Those are some pretty awesome offices!