Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog Invasion

I have recently signed on to E-Harmony and have been writing about my dating experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly. So far I've only been out with two different people. You can read about my date with the attorney here and my dates with the Actuary here.

I had mentioned in my second post with the actuary that I was on the fence and that if he asked me out on a second date that I would say yes. He did ask me, and so of course I agreed. He planned the whole date for Thursday and even offered to pick me up but because he's from the internet, I need a few more dates before I think I'll be able to tell he's not a psycho serial killer.

We went to a little Mexican restaurant in Aliso Viejo,  and just like the date before, our conversation was flowing and I was genuinely having a good time. We talked about all kinds of things, our likes dislikes, family, you name it. I was having such a nice time that in mid conversation, when he asked me what I did for fun I told him that I write a blog. As soon as I said it I wished I could take it back. The last thing I wanted him to look for was  my blog where he happens to "Star" in a full post. Knowing that he (like myself) is an avid Googler, I became concerned.

The date was great, once again, we practically shut down the restaurant. And he had offered to pay this time which I thought was gentlemanly. He walked me to my car, hugged me good night and we went our separate ways. As soon as I walked in the door I kicked off my heels ran to my computer and deleted any FB evidence that might link back to my blog. Thinking the crisis was averted, I went to bed.

Then last night, while in my pajamas snuggling Rox I got a text from him that simply said: "So you mentioned this blog..." My stomach sank for a second and I might have had a heat flash. I'm not sure. All I could think to say back was "What about it?" Hoping that he had yet to see that I compared him to Steve Zahn, said he was a little arrogant and thought his Dad being a mortician was creepy. I wasn't that lucky though, he had seen it. While I waited to see what he had to say about everything I had written  I was literally dying. To my surprise he wasn't offended. He said he thought it was very entertaining, and that both my 'live' and 'online' personalities were pretty cool..... So now I'm really thinking he might be a psychotic serial killer!

If I had seen someone write something like that about me I would probably be pissed. I have to give him credit for not taking it seriously. He could have been offended and mad but he wasn't. In fact the poor guy said that he felt he needed to explain himself  regarding some of the things that I had mentioned. Not thinking this necessary, and still wanting to crawl under the covers and hide from sheer embarrassment I took a deep breath and called him.

We talked for hours. I'm not kidding. Hours. I think he is awesome, and look forward to the date that we planned for tomorrow.

I'm still really unsure about the awkwardness of online dating. For some reason I can't get passed the fact that I'll never have a cute 'how we met story' if I meet the guy from a dating website. I was a little surprised when this guy told me he was a seasoned online dater. I've only heard of stories from online dating that worked. Not the ones that didn't so then I'm curious, what the hell happened that they broke up. And most importantly, what's wrong with him?  I do think it's odd that he really likes cats, and I kind of wish he would cut his hair but these are little quirks that make him who he is and I can deal with. Although if you are reading this Wes, that's right, I said it. I think you looked good with short hair and should think about cutting it. For reals.

I'm sure that now that he knows he plays a part in it he will probably check my blog to see what I have to say. Most of it I'm not afraid to say to his face but I am not going to stop writing about my dates with him, or any other possible victims.



  1. You may not have a "cutesy" story... but you still have a great story!!! And more power to you for putting it out there that you have a blog. I still have trouble getting those words out of my mouth. online though, it just comes out like word vomit!

  2. OHMYGOSH! I just saw this. I love it. You gotta give him massive credit for being like, sure, let's still hang out, I like you!