Friday, March 9, 2012

Damsel in Distress

I feel like this blog should just be re-named "Kate and her Dates" because that's all I seem to be writing about lately. These stories are fun to tell though, so as long as you don't mind, I'm going to keep writing them.
I left off with my last date with Wes on Sunday. He was leaving for his ski trip early Tuesday afternoon and we had made plans to hang out Sunday (this Sunday.) 
Tuesday morning was like every other day. I hit the snooze button 4 or 5 times before I actually got up, showered, carelessly tossed my hair in a ponytail slapped on some make-up and headed to work. When I got to my car, I noticed it looked funny. lop-sided even. Not really caring I got in it anyways and proceeded to drive. There was a reason my car looked strange when I got to it. I had a flat tire!
Luckily I was in the safety of my garage and not on the side of the road but still. I was stranded! I could change a tire if I absolutely had to, but would prefer not, I don't have AAA and I'm single. I was a Damsel in distress! As I was calling work to inform them that I would be late, I got a 'good morning' text from Wes. Because it wasn't exactly the best of mornings I said something pitiful like 'my morning started out terrible and I'm going to be late to work because of my flat tire.' 30 seconds later he called me, and 20 minutes later he was in my garage changing my tire. *sigh* What a man! He really was my Knight in shining armor black Infinity. Because he had un-unexpectedly left work, and because he was leaving for Utah in just a few short hours I took him to the airport before I headed to buy a new tire.
We've talked pretty regularly since then through text message and a couple phone calls which is more than I expected. It's nice to know that even though he is out with friends, he still  thinks of me. On Wednesday when I wrote my last post I mentioned that his Mom had friend requested me. This is a funny story and now I don't feel so bad about the fact that he had read my posts!
This is what happened:
I was sitting on the couch on my computer, rotating between pinterest, blogs and facebook. I did my routine FB check and noticed that I had a friend request. Wondering who it could be, I clicked on my icon and saw a picture of a decorated cake (remember Wes's mom is a cake decorator.)  After further investigation I learned that it was, in fact Wes's mother. Feeling a bit uncomfortable about it, (I thought it rude not to friend her, but didn't really want to friend her) I texted Wes. He seemed not only shockingly surprised but overwhelmingly embarrassed. I would be too if my Mom had friended him but this situation was kind of funny. After some picture clean up (my page makes me look like a raging alcoholic) I finally accepted her request. Yesterday morning while I was waiting to meet with a client, Wes texted me and told me that he had talked to his mom and asked her why in the world she would ask to be my friend after only a week of the two of us hanging out. She gasped and exclaimed that she didn't mean to friend request me at all! Apparently she had been spying and accidentally hit the ask  to be friends button... And got caught! Now she is mortified... And Wes is still embarrassed. This makes me feel a WHOLE lot better about him reading my first blog post!
Happy Friday Diary Readers! Thank the Lord, Jesus I get to sleep in tomorrow!

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