Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dating: Real Life VS. The Movies

In case you haven't heard... I'm dating! Wes and I have been hanging out just over a month and although everything is fun and easy with him, it's not quite as easy as they make it look in the movies. (Go figure) Let me show you what I mean.

1. How in the hell does she look so good for their date?!? When I know I'm going out that night, I wake up super early, do my hair as I would want it to be for dinner, barely put on make-up (I would just re-do it for that night anyways) and then leave work a little early so that I can beat traffic to re-do fix my hair, replace my make-up, change my outfit and be ready by 7. This is stressful!

2. How do they manage to cook a full meal? What I mean is, it's hard enough to do all of the above and go out to eat but to cook dinner that looks like a 5 star chef has concocted?! No freakin way.

3. What happens to the dog when they decided to have an impromptu sleep over?

4. What time did they get up that morning if they're getting coffee from the corner before the other is awake? That DOESN'T happen.

 5. Since when do us girls wake up with perfectly tousled bed hair and pristine make-up? In my dreams.

6. Who is their interior decorator, and how is their house always clean? I find it strange that both the guy and gal have awesomely cool large apartments but they live in NY or LA where the rent is $3,500.00 a month for a broom closet.

7. How do they have so many cute clothes in their closet? It takes me hours to figure out what I want to wear for a date.

8. How come it starts raining at the exact moment it needs to? I can honestly say I have never romantically been caught in a rainstorm.

9. They never have to wait for a table when they go out for dinner. Do they always just make reservations? Some places don't take them. What the hell.

10. Where do these women get off always wearing cute under things? The only matching bras and panties I have are so uncomfortable I wear them only when I know they're getting taken off. SOON!



  1. haha oh my goodness this post had me laughing so much. it's so true though! dating is tough and guys don't realize it sometimes, all they have to do is shower and put on jeans and a shirt. lucky guys!

  2. Oh this was so much fun to read! I completely agree with the coffee one!!! I find it especially confusing when breakfast as a family happens on television shows before school/work. WTH!?