Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Possibly Twitterpated

I am really liking E-Harmony. It has given me the opportunity to meet interesting people that I may not have thought to talk to on a normal basis. I used to not think myself as a people person but it turns out, I am! I like talking to people and hearing their stories and what they're doing in life. I also like that because I have been so busy on these said dates, my DVR is backed up with un-watched shows. It's kind of nice not watching so much TV. Haha! I'm so lame.

So far I have seen 3 guys. The first one, Toby Flenderson is what I'm calling him, was sweet but not for me. The second, as I'm sure you have read, is Wes, ie: Steve Zahn. I told you about our first meeting here and the second date at the Mexican restaurant along with him discovering my blog (leaving me mortified) here.

Note: After talking with my Mom, I had originally decided it was best to stop writing about my dates  because I'm starting to have feelings for Wes and I don't want to ruin it. About an hour ago though his Mom, who lives in Connecticut sent me a friend request on Facebook. I uncomfortably accepted, teased a VERY embarrassed Wes and decided that I would write about them anyways. I have nothing to hide and these stories are special. So read on Diary Readers!

Even after my blog he wanted to see me again and he planned a very romantic date for Sunday (I know, crazy, right?) I had previously planned a coffee date that morning with a security architect for Boeing. I already knew that I was liking Wes, but had made this date and wasn't going to break it. Besides, it was just coffee and the poor guy was actually leaving that afternoon for Seattle for business at the Boeing there, so he literally scheduled me in his day, which I thought was nice. Because I've been working on Saturdays the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to sleep in on the weekends like I would like to and am thus sleep deprived. This coffee date was at 10:30 in the morning- earlier than I would have liked. As terrible as it sounds, I wasn't too excited for it and didn't want to shower in the am, get ready for him and then come home and re-shower for Wes.

You might think this weird. Really I didn't want wake up earlier than I had to to spend time curling my hair, and if I did it in a different style I wouldn't have been able to curl it without showering for my later date. So I didn't shower. I rolled out of bed, tried to conceal my greasy morning hair and threw on some make-up. When I met Mr. Boeing, I thought he was nice. He was clearly shy and a little awkward but I could tell he was sweet. For the first 10 minutes the conversation was just me asking questions, trying to make the situation less awkward than it was. He did a lot of mumbling and I thought to myself, "Dear god, I don't think I will make it through this." But he finally started opening up and the date was really enjoyable. It lasted until 1pm which was WAY longer than I had intended, and although fun, I don't plan on seeing him again. Wes texted me to say he was picking me up at 5 for a "sunset" dinner and at this point I still needed to find an outfit, take Rox on a walk, and get beautified.

I said goodbye to Mr. Boeing and rushed off to the mall to find an outfit that was fancy enough for the Montage Hotel, in Laguna Beach (where our dinner date was) but casual enough that it didn't look like I was going to a club. 2 hours  of shopping later, I still hadn't found anything. I was really running out of time and finally bought a dress, jacket and shoes without trying any of them on. Risky I know! It was going to be a miracle if everything fit and looked halfway descent.

I got home at 3:15, ate a quick soft pretzel (my favorite,) rushed through a walk with poor confused Roxie and dashed into the shower to get ready.

I had gotten lucky. My outfit looked cute, I was having a good hair day, and at 4:58 I was putting on my last piece of jewelry when he showed up at my door- (that's right, I decided he wasn't a psycho serial killer and gave him my address to pick me up) with a bouquet of un-bloomed pink lilies. He told me that he chose the un-opened flowers so that they would bloom while he was away in Utah for a ski trip. Very clever. (It's Wednesday now and they are almost fully blossomed and beautiful.) I thought that was impressive but it got even better when he opened the car door for me.  Chivalry will never be dead. As it turned out, the restaurant that we had originally planned to go to at the Montage was being renovated. He had already checked into this and had a back up plan! We went to this cute little sushi place across the street instead and then went to the Montage after for drinks and desert.

I know this is silly. And I said before that I think it's ridiculous when men brag about their car, but Wes really does drive a really nice one. And it's so new it doesn't even have plates yet! I felt really cool when we valeted it at the hotel! Because it was 80 degrees that day, the night air felt amazing, I didn't wear a sweater the whole date. We sat outside on a patio and drank fancy overly priced wine. I like wine but don't know what's good and what isn't so he picked mine out for me and it was exactly what I would have wanted it to taste like. We talked for a long time, believe it or not we still haven't run out of things to say yet! Once we had finished our "fancy" wine we walked down to the beach.

I mentioned before that I thought he was shorter than he posted on his profile.... When I took off my 6" heels to get in the sand I noticed that he was, in fact, a whole head taller than me. He wasn't lying after all! Yay. We went to the water and dipped our toes, looked at the stars and finally had a real first kiss. It was magical. It really was. I could have stayed out on the beach all night but both of us had to work the next day and at 10 pm we decided to head home. Kill Joy. On the car ride back we held hands and he even walked me to my door. We chatted another minute, kissed a little more and made plans to hang out this Sunday, after he gets back from his ski trip.

I literally fell into my pillow that night. It was the best date I had ever been on.



  1. This is such a sweet story. :)

    I'm glad you're continuing to write!!

  2. I'm glad your experience with online dating has been a good one, I love reading your posts about it!

    Wes seems like such a great guy!

  3. I love that you are writing about this. It will be an awesome thing to look back on if this, Wes stays in your life ;)

  4. I love that you're telling these stories, so please please please keep going. I'm loving Wes after the fact that he read your blog and is still cool, plus he seems super sweet!

    Wes, if you're reading this, you're my fave! Keep it up!

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and instantly became hooked on your online dating experience. I read your posts about your dates and they're so entertaining! I love that you're so open with this and that he doesn't mind being blogged about - what a catch! I look forward to your future posts! xoxo