Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LaLa Land

Two, dos, (2) weekends in a row I went to Los Angeles. Both times were for a very good reason, but if you live in Orange County, LA is a place that is tried to be avoided at all costs. Seriously. Going a couple times a year is enough for me....

So now my quota is filled till January.

I just dislike everything about it. As soon as you pass Disneyland and get out of the perfectly manicured green foliage, the freeway begins to narrow. Traffic starts to congest and graffiti and homeless people seem to be the usual scenery. Plus I swear there is a faint smell of urine that is locked between the asphalt and the smog. And I have to disagree with Gwen Stefani and her Orange County Girl song. I think what's behind the "Orange Curtain" is just that bad.

Clearly, I'm not a fan.

Anyways, lets get off why I don't like the city of Angels and talk about the cool things I got to do the last couple of weeks! 

First, We went with Jesus Jugs and her Ginger hubs to our friends 24th Birthday Party at Tokyo Delves. If you've never been there, the only way I can describe it is it's a Sushi restaurant, club and shit show all rolled into one. Despite the fact that it smelled like a roller rink. (You know that smell where you can't decide if it smells like stinky feet or just ass?) And the sushi was below par, we had a fabulous time! At one point Wes was rapping to Vanilla Ice and I did N'Sync's "Bye, bye, bye" dance while on a chair in heels. I gots skillz y'all. Oh and did I mention they had gallon kegs of beer and every so often our waiter would make us do a saki bomb? Well they do and he did.

Here are some pics.

I got this from the Tokyo Delves website. This wasn't us but they looked like they were having so much fun I felt obligated to put it up.

This was our crowd. Sushi restaurant or Club? That is the question.

The Birthday girl herself!

Wes and I did not get one good picture the whole night. I just put this one up because my sock bun looks cute.

Then this last weekend we went to LA again to see Wes's friend perform at the H2O Festival.

Let me just begin the story by saying that the festival started at 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon. It takes about an hour to get to downtown from where we live in orange county. I was thinking that we would have the morning and part of the afternoon to be lazy and enjoy the day, but Wes was ADAMANT about leaving the house at one. I took my time getting ready with him eagerly badgering me and telling me how much he hate's to be late. We left at 1:30 and he whined the whole way there. We got to the festival at 2:30. Plenty of time. We got in the line at the gate and literally stood there in the hot sun in 90 degree heat for an hour. They ended up not opening the gates until 3:30. Lets just say I was a good sport about the whole thing and Wes felt bad. Now the next time we go to an event we will get there on my time. Sometimes fashionably late is in fact better. Boys are stupid. I've said my peace.

Back to the festival. Wes's friend's band in Connecticut won a contest to be able to perform at this festival. Pretty darn cool. We got V.I.P tickets because we knew the guys which was pretty awesome. What I did not know was that this band is a Latin American Band. Funny because the only hispanic person is the lead singer. The rest are super nice and really cool white nerdy guys. I liked them right away.

So the Band is called Santa Mamba

The dude in the center is Wes's friend Nick. Apparently Connecticut  only breeds men with long hair.

The Festival was fun! We were the only white blonde people in the whole vicinity though. I should have guessed with Santa Mamba being a Latin band that the rest of the festival would be as well. Yup. It was chola central. No offense to any sassy senoritas out there. I've just never seen that many sharpie eyebrows in one place before. It was fascinating. 

I was really glad that we had V.I.P because while most of the crowd had to deal with the disgustingly hot weather and pay for overly priced beer and fair food, we got to enjoy an air-conditioned tent with free booze and mediocre food. But it was free mediocre food! Also, while everyone else had to use a port a potty we got to use airplane style port a pottys. SO much better! Santa Mamba didn't perform until later and we didn't know most of the bands playing, so we stayed in our little tent like happy campers and took advantage... Or at least I took advantage of the free alcohol. Wes is a saint for putting up with my "I'm so sexy dirty terrible dancing." I just can't help myself, the alcohol brings out the sex kitten in me.

Some other performers there were:

I'm not sure who she is. But she was very pretty when I saw he on stage.

I don't know these guys either. Couldn't tell you if they were good or not.

I did see him perform a little. Coincidentally he is dating Christine "Chrissy" Teigen. A now super model who went to high school with me and she sat next to me in Algebra. I remember when she dropped out of school to move to LA and become a model. We all thought she was stupid. She showed us. She's living a celebrity life in NY, and I am a waitress. A pretty happy waitress though!

Moving on. 

Gym Class Heroes were supposed to be there but they were a no show. However, Snoop Dogg/Lion was!

D - O double G!

Santa Mamba was set to go on stage at 7:30, right after Snoopy. The way the place was set up was there was a large stage and then right next to it a smaller stage. we were right in the middle of both so we got to watch snoop on the big stage and then when he was done we turned our heads and Santa Mamba was on the smaller one. They were really good. 

Here's a video I found of their most popular song if you're interested.

After they performed we got to go back stage with them and who did we run in to? Wait for it.

Oh yes. Snoop Dogg's diamond encrusted hand is on my shoulder and Wes made it into the background too! I love that the security guard looks sketched out by him. I had to make the photo black and white because the red eye in it was so bad I looked like a Twilight character.

So there you have it my friends. Two weeks of interesting yet really awesome weekends in LA. Hopefully the next time I have to go there again will be next year ;)

Happy Hump Day!


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