Monday, April 2, 2012

UPDATE: Dating in Real Live vs. The Movies

Hi friends! Just a little over a week ago I wrote a post about dating in real life compared to dating in the movies. You can read that post and catch up here! A ton has happened since this last post. So much so that I feel that I have to explain. Me and Wes are official. like FB official. To me, thats a big deal, and the first time I have ever had the little heart appear at the top of my profile. It's nice.

Back to my point. In my post before I wrote about crazy things in movies that never happen in real life.  It's time for me to eat my words. Turns out, some of them do! The italicized are the questions I had asked and below them are my new answers.

1. How in the hell does she look so good for their date?!?
I still try and look my best when I know we're hanging out, and that is still stressful. But he's seen what I look like when I wake up in the morning and still calls so I'm not too concerned.

2. How do they manage to do the above and cook a full meal?
Cooking a full meal. It is in fact possible. I have managed to be primped up and at his house by 7:00 and in 45 min made this, (see pic below.) I found the recipe from Pinterest and it really was delicious.

3. What happens to the dog when they decided to have an impromptu sleep over? 
Rox comes with! I am lucky that Wes is aware I am apart of a "package deal," he doesn't mind that she sleeps in the bed and even takes her to the puppy park. She really likes him and he seems to like her. Score.


4. What time did they get up that morning if they're getting coffee from the corner before the other is awake? That DOESN'T happen.
Actually, it does. I know exactly what time the other gets up to run down the street and get not only coffee, BUT BREAKFAST! That's right ladies, I got to enjoy a smoked salmon bagel sandwich and orange juice before I left for work Saturday morning, and he watched Rox for me. A-mazing!

Note: He told me that he hasn't read my blog since the first two posts that were written about him. I believe him and am glad that he came up with this on his own!

5. Since when do us girls wake up with perfectly tousled bed hair and pristine make-up? In my dreams.
I still don't wake up like that darn it. But he lets me know how sexy I am anyways. I get called cute all the time and I've accepted the fact that I'm a Betty, not a Joan. I don't mind this at all- I like to be cute but I really like being considered sexy.

6. Who is their interior decorator, and how is their house always clean?
This hasn't changed much either. My house is usually pretty clean and I think it's decorated cute. He lives in a perma "man cave" but it's sweet that he really cleans his apartment before I come over. I know fresh vacuum lines when I see them. 

7. How do they have so many cute clothes in their closet? It takes me hours to figure out what I want to wear for a date.
It still takes me a while but not as long!

8. How come it starts raining at the exact moment it needs to?
If a freak romantic rain shower happens then I'm going to call it serendipity.

9. They never have to wait for a table when they go out for dinner. Do they always just make reservations?
The great thing about being older. THE RESTAURANT BAR. Why not drink while you wait for your table? We did.

10. Where do these women get off always wearing cute, uncomfortable under things?
I'm warning you now this might be a little TMI. I've solved this problem by not wearing any at all. Duh.

There you have it. Maybe the Movies aren't all make believe after all!


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