Friday, December 16, 2011

Deck the Halls

I tend to go overboard with holiday decorating. Pumpkin carving and carmel apples at Halloween are a must. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without a full size turkey and pumpkin pie. And why would anyone want less than two Christmas trees in their house? I'd have three if I could!

With that said and all my holiday decorating finished, I am ashamed to say that I do not have a holiday wreath on my front door. Not because I don't want one... (Duh!) I just haven't found one that I like. If only they sold wreathes like these at Target...

I love the whole brooch and bling thing going on here! This would be a really fun and easy wreath to make.

Blue and bronze does not fit within my decor color scheme, but gosh it's pretty.

If I owned a cottage with a picket fence, I would definitely have this hanging over my fireplace.

I think this one is so much fun! I love the bright blues and peacock feathers!

Happy Holidays!


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