Sunday, December 18, 2011

The End of an Era

I have mentioned that I was a waitress several times on this little blog, but I never said where it was.

That's right! I waitress at Ruby's Diner. Or I did rather. Today is my last and Final day ever! I've said it before, but this time I mean it. Ruby's was always my "fall back job." It was easy to work, easy to get, and somehow always around. It was my first job in high school and as silly as it sounds, one of the best decisions I've ever made. I started when I was 15 as a hostess and I have to admit, the only reason I applied was because I thought the uniform was cute... (I have in fact grown to hate it but that's besides the point!) I am 26 now and although I haven't worked there the entire 11 years- Ruby's has managed to stay in my life.

I started in 2001 at the Alderwood Mall Ruby's in Lynnwood, Washington. I actually opened this store and had to do full on employee training and worked the opening day. It has since closed down but this is what it used to look like!

This is a picture of me at 16 with my two cousins. I'm assuming this was taken just before I left for work. I can't remember, but lord look at that hair! 

When I moved to San Diego for college I transferred to the Mission Valley Ruby's right down the street from my apartment. Here is what that Ruby's looks like!

As much as I bitch about how ridiculous the Ruby's costume uniform is. It actually is quite cute. Of course I sexed it up a bit in this photo, but the "regular" uniform definitely adds to the ambiance of the restaurant.... And all my boyfriends seemed to like it! 

When I came home to Washington for the summer, I had a friend working at the Woodinville Ruby's and she got me "in" at that location and I stayed with this Ruby's off and on until I moved to L.A.  

While in Los Angeles I took a bit of a Ruby's break, but not for long. When I moved to Orange County (it took a while to figure out which part of Southern California I liked best.... for the record it's OC. But San Diego is a very close second!) I needed a job and whadoyaknow, there was a Ruby's close to me in Laguna Hills! I walked in, applied and started the next day! 

This Ruby's is nearest to my heart because it's where I met long time friend Nurse Bestie, and we've been Loving Life ever since!

This is me with very blonde hair just getting off work! Circa 2007.

I quit that Ruby's and moved to New York for a year to work with Betsey Johnson. (Hopefully that story will show up on this blog before the New Year but until then here is a sneak peek picture.)
I loved Betsey Johnson, but hated NY, so I packed my bags, moved back to the West Coast and started working at the Huntington Beach Ruby's. What was I thinking? I'm an idiot you say? Probably, but I wanted to go back to school to do something I love rather than stay in a city I really disliked in a profession that I found to be lackluster. 

Back on track...
This one was by far the best location (as far as view goes.)

See what I mean?

 But somehow it just couldn't beat my good ol' Laguna Hills restaurant. I came back to this one, finished my last year of school for my Interior Design degree and thought I would work here until I found my "Big Girl" job. Although the new job came some time ago, I wanted to stick with Ruby's on weekends until Christmas for a little extra cash. Hence the shortage in blog posts. working 70 hours 7 days a week is not fun ya'll. 

I leave for Seattle on Tuesday to go home for Christmas, and just a few short days after I get back is New Years. I wanted to start the New Year fresh and so have decided to quit Ruby's and focus on my real job. It's time, and I've been ready for a while.

Although It's been sad saying good bye to all of my regular customers, a few of them were sweet enough to give me things to remember them by. Look at the adorable rudolph ornament that my favorite regular Ernie gave to me for Christmas! It fits perfectly in my tree, and I made him sign the back of it so I'll always remember him.

And that's my Ruby's story- for those of you who are still with me. Now you can see why Ruby's was such a giant part of my life, and the many good things that have come out of working there. But I am very glad to see it come to an end. I won't be asking "Would you like fries with that?" ever again! Yay.

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!



  1. Cute! I've been Ruby's free for about 2 years, and I often miss it. I can see why you kept going back. :)

  2. Proud of you, Kater Tot :)

    I'll always have a spot soft in my heart for the old Rubster, but on to bigger and better things for you, my dear!


  3. Congrats on your last day. Seems like you had some really great regulars there.

  4. Hi! I'm obviously snooping through your blog. But just FYI, I worked at ruby's in seal beach when I was ding my undergrad. I loved that job!