Sunday, December 25, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go...

Merry Christmas everybody! 

I hope all of you had a wonderful day filled with joy, family and lots of delicious food! I sure did. 

I ended up taking a three hour nap after brunch, which I regret, because I wasted some time that could have been spent with my family and I am not tired now but I think it was my body finally catching up from the hustle and bustle leading to the holidays, and it felt darn good!

This morning my brother and I headed to my Mom's beautiful apartment where we met my Grandma, Aunt Jodie and Uncle Bob for a yummy brunch of quiche, ambrosia salad, blueberry muffins, bacon, sausage, bloody mary's and OJ! MmmMmm! After that, we headed to the tree and did our gift exchanging. I got so many good things, including; the cowgirl boots I've mentioned on this little blog a few times and a new phone! Yipee! Sister's struttin' with the 4G. I also got some pretty new clothes, jammies, make-up and some much needed cash!

After presents, my Grandma and Aunt and Uncle headed back to her cottage while my mom brother and I had some relaxing time... This is where I fell asleep. But with a toasty warm apartment and a belly full of food, who can blame me?

At around six we loaded up our loot and headed over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house (a bit of an exaggeration....but for story's sake) for our next big feast, and just to be together. 

Just so you know, my Grandma's house literally looks like it came from a story book. Hell, it probably is in a story book.

See what I mean? Her cottage is in a neighborhood, where the houses are similar and surrounded by lush gardens. The whole neighborhood was built green with energy efficient appliances. Now I know I might be bias, but her house is definitely the cutest on the block!

She named it Whimsey Cottage after the last little cottage she lived in, which of course was just as cute!

 With every season she decorates her window boxes accordingly. For Christmas they're adorned with holly, evergreens and silver stars.

 These little guys greet you at the door.

 How beautiful is this!? 

 The Polar Express was my favorite Christmas book growing up and it's one of our favorite Christmas movies now. In honor of that, the theme for my Grandma's decorating is, The Polar Express!

 She also has a Snowman collection. A couple of them are handmade by your's truly.

 She also has a christmas village! 
That's little Grandma Joanie washing dishes in the background.

 Her tree is so cute!

 This is Hanks, My Uncles black lab. She (don't be fooled by the name) likes to sleep like a frog. So funny!

 And this is my little peanut, Roxie Doxie.

I'm always excited for Christmas to come, but I am always glad when it's over. Next stop, New Years!

Merry Christmas Diary Readers!


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