Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome to my humble abode!

Bonjour Mademoiselles!

I've promised pictures of my new apartment a while ago but sadly with everything going on I finally unpacked the last box this weekend, only to get out our Christmas decorations! So here is a little peek at  the place I call home, full decorated with holiday spirit! (Please excuse the quality of my photos. All were taken from my iPad and are a bit fuzzy.)

This is our living room/ dining area. It's hard to see, but Rox is actually on her little bed in front of the fire place!

It was beautiful in Mission Viejo today!

All of my Christmas decorations are from Target, bought 50% off after Christmas a couple years ago. People think I'm crazy when I tell them I have a white tree, but I think it's beautiful.

Little Roxie staying warm by the fire!

This dining set is actually a patio set from Walmart, but I love it as our table. Plus the chairs are super comfy!

This is our Martha Stewart baby feather tree from Kmart, and it's actually the first tree I ever had when I first moved away from home.

Even our kitchen gadgets match our holiday decor. Notice my beautiful mixer on the right and the matching toaster that my roommate got us!

This is my little room. The decal butterflies might be a bit much, but I'm gonna give them some time before I decide to take them down. The comforter is from Tommy Hilfiger and the accent pillows from Target.

I love this little corner nook.

This is my bathroom!

This little dresser is from Home Goods, as well as the picture above it. 

And there you have it. Hope all  of you had a fabulous weekend!

Happy Holidays!



  1. Your new place looks so cute. You have done a beautiful job of decorating! MISS YOU XXX

  2. Hey bestie. You know I love your blog, so guess what?! I gave you the Liebster Blog Award today @ my blog! Go check it out, biatch.

  3. Super cute apartment! Found you from Casey!

  4. your apartment is adorable. i love all the whimsical chistmas decorations, mine is all neutrals and glitter which is pretty but i was at target today obsessing about the bright colors!!

    also im a little jealous of your extremely purple bathroom! I want it!

    I just started following you, excited to get to know you more! :)