Friday, December 9, 2011

This, That and Others

I have really been blog slacking lately! I have every intention of keeping up to date, and even plans on what to post about. Last weekend I wanted to tell you about the fun night me and some girlfriends had when we two-stepped at "Incahoots" a local country bar in Fullerton but some how never got around to it.

Then I wanted to post my favorite Christmas songs of all time but realized that there were just too many to post, and didn't have the songs that make my Christmases so special so that idea fell through too! Here is a playlist with most of my favorite Christmas songs.

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The ones that are missing:

  • Andrew's Sister's Christmas collection
  • Nat King Cole's Christmas CD (They only had one of his songs on

The reason that I am writing this post tonight is because I found a song that I liked enough to share with ya'll. It was the ending song on this week's Hung.

It's called King of Diamonds by Motopony. Enjoy!

Have a good weekend! Happy Holidays!


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