Thursday, December 29, 2011

Roxie, A Tribute.

I'm sure you've figured it out by now but I am a baby mama to a wiener dog.

This is Roxie.

I had originally planned on only writing a post about the super cute thing Rox did yesterday morning. She does cute things all the time, but this particular morning was extra adorable. (Yes, I'm one of those people, and it will only get worse once I (eventually) have children. Sorry friends!) I started searching for photos to go along with this little post and found so many good ones I thought "What the Hell? I'll just make a tribute instead!" So voila! Your'e welcome! 

I got Rox when she was only 4 months old, the week before Christmas of 2008. I wanted to get a dachshund for my Grandma, thinking it would be nice for her to have a companion, and because I thought it would be the best Christmas gift EVER! After days of searching, by chance I happened to see a Craigslist ad posted for a little girl puppy. That night my mom called the lady and arranged to meet her to "look" at Roxie. Lets not kid ourselves here- both I and my Mother knew darn well that we weren't going to just look at her. We just said that to put my Dad's mind at ease. 

We actually stopped at the bank for cash to buy her and then at the fabric store for some fleece to use as a make-shift blanket as it was snowing and cold. The Rox/cash trade was pretty sketchy, it was in a bad part of town in a Denny's parking lot. The woman took little Roxie from a bare wire cage away from her mama without any kind of blanket, handed her to me and had my Mom sign some sort of contract, then she drove off. That was it. I grabbed the pink fleece blanket (which is actually still her baby blanket today) bundled her up and we headed home. Roxie was funny because she didn't seem to care that she was just taken away from her home. She sat calmly in my lap and we had a bonding moment when she touched her nose to mine for about 30 seconds.

The Winter of 2008 in Washington was a cold one. It snowed early that year and was so bad we actually got snowed into our house for 3 days. During this time me and Roxie were inseparable, she was my shadow.

Here she is sleeping on my chest the second day of having her.

The snow finally melted down just before Christmas and my Grandma came over Christmas morning for brunch and Christmas Presents. She was so surprised and happy when I revealed Roxie to her. She even cried (tears of joy... I think.) But Rox did NOT want to have anything to do with my Grandma. It was terrible. My Grandma took her home, and Rox misbehaved so badly that My Grandma called and said that she couldn't do it any longer. It was either I take her, or she was going to give Rox away! Obviously, you know how the story ends.

I am not gonna lie. Taking care of a puppy for the first time is VERY hard. I will probably never do it again, but now I've got it down. I know what she wants when she wants it. She is my car buddy, my snuggle buddy, my pride and joy. I love her. It's still hard, dogs are a ton of unexpected work. I worry about her all the time when I leave her to go to work for the day. I can't just go away on a whim for the weekend. And let me tell you, traveling of any kind is 100 times harder when you have a pet. But the love she gives is worth it though.

Here she is 4 months. We had just got home from Seattle and she was wore out. Notice her ginormous feeties!

Here she is watching T.V. with my little brother at the age of 1.

Rox received her Puppy Kindergarten Diploma the Summer of 2009

I was such a proud Mama.

 Roxie's all time favorite thing to do in the world is play fetch. She's good at it too! Summer 2010

 She likes to play fetch at the beach. Spring 2011

This is my laptop wallpaper.

When She is not playing fetch, she's dreaming of it. And bones too of course. Photo courtesy of my little bro- the graphic designer.

This is what I often times wake up to in the morning. Annoying? Kind of. But how can you resist that little face? It's impossible! Spring 2011

In Palm Springs for our yearly family reunion. Belle and Roxie, March 2011

We go on lots of walks together. Newport Beach, Summer 2011

She's a Curious George.

This photo is one of my favorites.

 This was the day the California black-out happened! Fall 2011

My 26th Birthday, September 2011

Is Roxie spoiled? Duh! Do I care? Not at all. I realize, I go a bit over the top but she is my baby, my friend and quite the little companion. I love her!

So what was the cute thing she did this yesterday morning? I'll tell you. My brother and I lived together for 2 years. This last November he decided that California was not the place for him and he moved back to Seattle when I moved into this apartment. Rox took the move pretty hard, mostly because not only were we changing homes, we got a new roommate. Chris and Rox had grown pretty close, so for him to just leave was devastating for her. I am not even exaggerating. When Rox and I came home for Christmas last week Roxie was ecstatic to see our little brother again. For the whole time we were there she was HIS little shadow, which was nice. Mama needed a break.

When I was getting ready to leave to go back to Orange County, as my Dad was putting my bags in the car I went to grab Rox so we could go. She was very distressed and wouldn't come when I asked, (which is pretty unusual) especially when she knows it's time to go home. She whined and cried and threw a fit before rushing upstairs and sniffed at my brother's Bedroom door. I had already said goodbye to Chris the night before, but it hadn't occurred to me that Rox needed to say good bye! I opened his door and she jumped on him and wiggled and licked him and then jumped off his bed and was ready to go. She just wanted to say good bye. How stinkin sweet is that?! I am often surprised at just how smart she really is.

That's my "bragging parent" story. Kind of silly, but if nothing else, the pictures were cute!

Look at this great painting a dear friend of mine made me for Christmas. It makes me smile every time I look at it!


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