Thursday, August 30, 2012

100 Reasons Why I Am Ready For Fall

I Freakin love Fall. And I am so excited that it is literally just around the corner! Because I am starting to see the light at the end of this god forsaken heat tunnel I decided to make a fun post listing all the reasons I love Autumn. And strange enough, it wasn't hard for me to come up with 100 reasons at all!

1. The weather won't be 95 degrees any more. I am seriously tired of the heat.

2. Back to school. I'm not going back to school but I loved this time of year when I was.

3. All my favorite shows come back on.

4. Apple Cider.

5. I can wear flannels again. I love those.

6. I can also wear Uggs. I love those too.

7. Spiced Cider candles from Walmart. They. Are. Amazing. And super inexpensive.

8. Snuggling becomes much easier in cooler weather.

9. My birthday! Technically My birthday is in the summer but it's when school starts so I associate it with Fall.

10. Pumpkins! I love them.

11. Carving Pumpkins.

12. Pumpkin Pie.

13. The colors of the leaves change. Not in OC but in Seattle and Putnam, Connecticut they do.

14. Fall colors. I look best in Plums, dark greens and chocolate browns.

15. Halloween.

16. Finding a costume.

17. Halloween Candy.

18. The autumn smell in craft stores.

19. Traditional Halloween Movies.

20. My Grandma's Birthday. When I was little we used to do so many fun fall things for her birthday. Now I usually give her a fall themed gift.

21. Using the fireplace.

22. Blankets. Lots and lots of blankets.

23. My energy bills will be significantly lower!

24. Rainy days in.

25. Roxie can finally go on normal walks and park runs.

26. Comfort Foods. Pot roast, pork roast, beef stew. Yum!

27. I can hide my relationship gut with sweaters.

28. I can wear scarves and mittens.

29. Thanksgiving.

30. And the food that comes with it.

31. Being with Family. This year I'll be in Connecticut with Wes!

32. Fall decorations.

33. Dark nail polish.

34. Fall crafts.

35. Crisp air.

36. Turning the heat on in the car.

37. Knotts Scary Farm.

38. Hay rides.

39. Corn mazes.

40. Fresh corn on the cob.

41. Halloween Decorations.

42. Caramel Apples.

43. Caramel wrapper races.

44. Sunflowers.

45. Mums.

46. Squash.

47. Toasted pumpkin seeds.

48. Antique shopping. For whatever reason that reminds me of fall. Maybe because the town I grew up in is the antique capital of the NW.

49. Hot Tea.

50. Ginger snaps.

51. Starbucks fall flavors.

52. Thick socks.

53. Sweaters.

54. Warm hats.

56. Mumford and Sons. Their music always reminds me of Fall.

57. So does Fleet Foxes.

58. It's full of family holidays.

59. Pumpkin beer.

60. Red wine seems to be best around autumn.

61. Warm jackets.

62. Pea Coats.

63. Apples.

64. Cinnamon.

65. Football. I don't care much for watching it. But it reminds me of home.

66. Snohomish Highschool Serpentine.

67. Homecoming. Back when I was still in school...

68. Pumpkin milkshakes.

69. Candied Apples

70. Acorns. I think they're cute for decorating.

71. Scarecrows.

72. Taco Soup. Its more like chili, and soo good on a fall day.

73. Using the hot tub instead of the pool.

74. Stormy clouds in the sky.

75. Starting to think about Christmas gifts.

76. Watering my house plants (all 4 of them) less.

78. Cozy Pajamas

79. I can wear my moccasin slippers!

80.  Fat Pine cones.

81. The night sky seems clearer.

82. Puzzles. Fall is the best season to work on them.

83. Yams.

84. Hot chocolate.

85. Christmas decorations starting to pop up in craft stores.

86. The thanksgiving day parade!

87. Christmas tree lightings! Those usually happen the day after thanksgiving.

88. Apple turkeys

89. Our friend Andy and Alana's wedding is happening this October.

90. My Mama's Birthday is just a week after mine.

91. Rain boots

92. Homemade bread.

93. Pumpkin pancakes... I really like pumpkin.

94. Using the crock pot.

95. Book reading weather.

96. Leaves on the ground.

97. I'm thankful every day but around this time of year I am reminded to be more thankful.

98. Harvest happens.

99. Camping season comes to an end. Thank god. Not that I go. 

100. I look forward to this season every year  and that makes it important to me!


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