Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lustrous Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factor in interior design. It can change the whole look and feel of a room. I am a sucker for chandeliers. When I own a house it will be full of them! I'm not kidding. The nice thing is there are so many different kinds and styles, there are endless possibilities to choose from. I have put together some pictures of chandeliers I found across the webverse that I liked or thought were interesting and then I categorized them by design style. Scroll through and enjoy!

Definition: Each detail is a focus of refinement, rich materials abound and every appointment is a testament to a tradition of collected treasures passed down from generations past. It is important that the balance of contrast between rich color or detail and the quality of light or subtle shades of color to create a timeless tapestry to delight the senses without seeming old or stale.

Definition: Contemporary design utilizes simple, clean lines and an uncluttered look. Decorators sometimes apply the terms contemporary design and modern design synonymously. The styles are similar, but contemporary design features softer lines and is more inviting. Contemporary design extends to exterior and interior applications.

Definition: Modern design is uncluttered, streamlined, sleek and open. Modern style has its roots in the Bauhaus school with its emphasis on angular lines and lack of ornamentation. Equally influential was Scandinavian style, which stresses minimalism, mass production, and simple functional forms.

Definition: Eclectic design is usually perceived as a free and easy, vibrant and unrestrained style.  It is not a random jumble of thrift store finds and hand-me-downs but a thoughtfully gathered collection of interesting pieces that work together in scale and proportion – and sometimes are found at thrift stores and family garages.

I can't decide if I'm more on the eclectic side or the contemporary. They're all beautiful in their own way. Happy Saturday Diary Readers!


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