Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I Love Summer. The BBQ's, the beach, concerts and the fair. It's wonderful! However, I am getting just a tad bit tired of the constant 90 degree heat. I'm almost ready to get back in to sweater season. And you know what that means? 


Here in the OC we don't really need to wear flannel pajamas, but being from Seattle where you do, old habits die hard. I love my soft cozy night wear. Here are a few cute things I wouldn't mind having, come Winter season.

This oversized sweatshirt in pink is so cute with these grey striped lounge pants. This whole set is from Nordstrom.

I'm usually more of a pink girl but I love the navy with the stars. From VS

This is my favorite. I could hang out in these all day. Also, these kind of pajamas are perfect to have under snow pants when skiing. Talk about snow bunny! From VS

If these don't scream cuddle me, I don't know what does. From VS

I think this set is the same style as the pink and grey striped above. I love the soft grey cheetah print. 
I think I'm going to need to get some new pajamas soon, and maybe a new fuzzy blanket. Winter needs to get here soon!



  1. I LOVE that top quote.

    Also adore the first and last sets of PJs - THE cutest! :)

  2. i LIVE for a cute/comfy pair of PJs. but... alas, this heat does not allow for such cuteness at the moment.