Thursday, August 9, 2012

Always, Sometimes, Never

I'm not much of a link up girl. I like to think that I march to the beat of my own drum... That's not why. I just like doing my own thing on here, all my posts are for me and my friends and family, as a diary of sorts. The few followers I have that choose to read because they like what I have to say I am grateful for and, Ps. I think you gals (and guys maybe) are awesome!

But I think with this extra time that I have Not being a big girl at my big girl job I'm going to start linking up a bit more. For fun!

So today I am linking with Taylor from The Daily Tay and her lady friends for a little Always, Sometimes, Never. Coincidentally I found Taylor's little blog from Jesus Jugs's Lots of Link Love Post.

Okay, here we go!

Always think to myself I am so clever and crafty. Sometimes I think that I should put some of my creations on Etsy. I Never actually do it because despite what I just said above, I don't think people will buy anything I've made.

Always say 'hello' when I cross someones path. Sometimes they say 'hi' back and I smile. I Never  forget to whisper 'jack-ass' or 'bitch' (I don't discriminate) under my breath when they pass without so much as a nod. Rude.

I Always pride myself in being sexually open and up for anything... Well most things. Sometimes I just don't want to have sex. I Never turn it down if the offer comes my way though. I'm usually glad I did once we've started! (I'm in a committed relationship ya'll. I only accept the offers from him! Haha!)

Always smile when I see Roxie, my little wiener dog snuggled in blankets. Sometimes I reminisce about the freedom I had before I got her. But I could Never picture my life without her. She's my little lady.

Always think about this amazing interior design job that I will someday have. Sometimes I get nervous that I won't find it. Never do I think I made the wrong decision for quitting the last job that I had. Even if it means I am a waitress with two college degrees.

Always have to have my Bert's Bees Chapstick on me. Sometimes I'll forget it at home or lose it and I'm miserable all day. To prevent this I Never have just one stick at a time. I buy in bulk!

I will Always choose music over TV. Sometimes I go days without watching it, but thank god for DVR because I still manage to Never miss my favorite shows!

Growing up, I Always thought it would be easy to be an independent woman. Sometimes I wonder if I was on drugs when I thought this. It's really hard! Never do I want to move back in with the 'rents though. I'll take struggling over spoon fed.

The Daily Tay

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I found you thru the link up and I always lose my Burt's bees as well...and I buy the bulk too!! Especially the different flavored ones :)

  2. lol I love the second one. I'm with you there lady!

  3. I've never bought Burt's bees chapstick but people seriously rave about it. It makes me think I am really going to have to give it a shot here. What makes it so much better than other chapsticks? I just found your blog and I've loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  4. hey there! newest follower to your blog through the linkup! thanks so much for joining in... cant wait to read more!

  5. hahaha omg you crack me up! love the sex one! i showed my boyfriend and he's like jeez, i wish you no never turned it down! thanks so much for linking up, definitely can't wait to start reading more :) hope you join us again next week!

    xo brie

  6. I am ALWAYS mumbling "bitch" or "asshole" under my breath. Hahahahaha. Glad to see I am not the only one!! :) Glad I found you with the link up!


  7. Found you on the link up and your blog's name caught my eye, mostly because it's almost the same as mine! Bahaha. Adorable blog. You have a new follower!

    xo - Chelsi
    Blondie Diaries