Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jesus Jugs

As I'm sure you are already followers of my best gal pal (former Nurse Bestie) at StressCase. She cleverly came up with cute little nicknames to call all of her closest family and friends. When I started writing my blog, I felt compelled to do the same thing. Funny enough though, she is the only one who actually has a nickname on this little blog. Anyways, I sat and thought, but could not come up with anything that I felt was original enough so I went with the obvious. She's my best friend and she's a nurse. Nurse Bestie it was! I decided that until I came up with something more clever that would be her title. Until a few weeks ago on The Real Housewives of OC Reunion Show! See video below:


Alexis Bellino and her oversized pillows.

I freaking love OC housewives. They are more drama than I've ever seen and I enjoy every blonde highlight of it. Now while I do not think Nurse Bestie, er Jesus Jugs is psychotic, her jugs are definitely holier than thou.

See what I mean?

(Halloween 2010. Hermione and Eve)
There was no magic happening in this picture, those things are the real deal.

They Came out to play at her Bachelorette Party.

I even made her a boob cake for her Birthday!

I'm sure you're probably thinking that I am the psychotic one. I can assure you I am not obsessed with my best friends tatas. It's just that my cups do not runneth over, so this post is a tribute for those who's do. Plus I'm sure her Ginger Hubby appreciates them too. 

So Nurse Bestie, in honor of your blossomed bosoms, I hereby re-name you to JESUS JUGS!

Love always,
              Cute Apartment



  1. HAHAHA omg I die over this. I LOVE it. You coulda gone with Jewish Jugs to put a twist on it!

  2. how creative of you, haha! and that cake is awesome :)