Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hit Me With Music

I would consider my music taste to be eclectic. I like all different kinds and don't limit myself to only one style. But my absolute favorite genre is folk/ Indie. There is just something about a banjo that I love! Here are my favorite songs at this moment, PLUS a song from Mumford and Sons new album that won't be released until September 24th called 'I Will Wait.'

I heard this song first when my brother posted it on my Facebook page and 2 months later it was a hit on the radio. The kid has a knack for finding songs before they become popular. I think this song is so sweet. The Lumineers will be in Orange County October 7th and you can bet your sweet bippy I'll be going! Tickets are only $15.00!

The Lumineers - Ho Hey

Although his parents must have hated him when he was born for giving him the same name twice. Phillip Phillips showed them by winning last seasons American Idol and my little ear drums. You may have heard this song in an Olympics commercial that has been playing recently. I Adore this song. I've had it on repeat all this morning.

Phillip Phillips - Home 

Of Monsters & Men is an Icelandic folk/ indie pop group who became famous for winning their hometown's battle of the bands. Their Song "Little Talks" is popular on the radio now. Listen to their album. I like the whole thing!

Of Monsters & Men - Love Love Love

Mumford and Sons! I believe that this band is the start of the kind of music played by the bands above. Marcus Mumford's (the lead singers) voice is so unique. And I really like that they don't actually have a drummer. The song below, 'I Will Wait' is from their new album, Babel. You can listen to 5 of their new songs here

Mumford And Sons- I Will Wait



  1. You should check out Imagine Dragons. I can't get their song "it's time" out of my head

  2. I love Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters & Men. Sooo good! I've been obsessed with Home as well, it gives me chills everytime I hear it. One of the radio stations put in audio clips from the Olympics, heard it this morning and loved it.

  3. John Mayer's latest album is quite folksy, have you heard it?