Thursday, August 23, 2012

Me and Betsey Johnson, BFFs Part 2

That's right. Me and Betsey. We're Besties. Honest! I started writing about how I got my internship with Betsey Johnson and even gave you a sneak peek of not only my little NY apartment, but Betsey's as well! Didn't see that post? Don't fret. I have it right here! I wrote the last post before she filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. I couldn't believe when I heard!

This is me in front of the Seattle, Betsey store. Sadly since the bankruptcy it was put out of business.

Anywhoodle, today I am going to talk about her office and what it was that I did for her. 

Betsey Johnson Corporate is located in the fashion district of New York on 36th and 7th. I was so excited to start my first day and at first look of the office, I was not disappointed! Here's a little tour.

This is what the elevators opened up to. Thinking back on it now I can remember how that whole floor smelled. It was like eucalyptus and menthol. Probably because Betsey doused herself in eucalyptus and was always sucking on menthol throat drops. True story.

That little window was for the receptionist. And behind that silver door was the mail room and the break room. The pics on the wall are of her and her granddaughter, Layla.

 Waiting area.

 Coming through the waiting area, you entered her showroom. Also the Intern's hang out.

 These are racks of a few season's collections. They were what magazine editors and celebrities, or their stylists would flip through when they wanted to borrow clothes for fashion shoots or events. I got to meet Lily Allen. See Exhibit A for what she picked out.

Exhibit A
Left: Silk Bow Dress. Right: Sequined black party dress

I love Lily Allen! This song was even my Myspace page song for a while. Way back when!

Alright. Back on track.

This was the left side of the show room

Betsey had painted girl murals on the wall. 

 This is the conference room. Also, The intern's sewing room. I sewed a few things in here for fashion shows.

This is Betsey's office. Small, but she was never really in it anyways.

So what did I do there? 


I sewed buttons on sweaters

Dyed fabrics experimentally

Put glitter on sun glasses

Went to Macy's to buy Betsey's make-up. She favors Chanel's red lipstick.

Picked up coffee from the coffee shop around the corner. What was her order? I still remember it. Nonfat chai tea latte with two equals.

I made dinner reservations 

Called private schools for 5 hours straight to get her granddaughter in to kindergarten 2 years in advance.

picked up lunch

searched her apartment for lost medications

made fabric and trim runs

delivered dresses to photo shoots. I've seen the inside of COSMO'S office! 

packaged 500 invitations for the fashion show

shmoozed made a ninny of myself with Tori Spelling and LL Cool J

Helped with model fittings

Came up with dress line names. Jesus Jugs actually helped me out with that too (over the phone that is)


Worked sample sales

And I decorated!

Like really decorated. Give me $500.00 to Party City and this is what I can do.

Me and Betsey's dog Lucy pre- Halloween party. I carved that pumpkin. It was supposed to be Marilyn Monroe's Face. You can see it right? Kind of?

The party theme was Rock Star. Me and another Intern, Sara were Salt and Peppa. But literally we were Salt and Peppa. Haha!

 This is Betsey's Daughter Lulu with her daughter, Layla and Betsey's Dog, Lucy.

 This is me and Betsey. She was Amy Winehouse. Freaking awesome.

I also decorated for Christmas, but This is the only photo I have to show for it. 

Me and Lucy in her winter suit.

I interned for Betsey from August until December. I was the longest running intern so I made sure to take seniority over the others. I mean, it was my right to do so. They loved me.  

Me and Betsey on my last day.

It was tradition for an intern's last day to throw a little party for them after work. The office puts together a little goody bag full of Betsey stuff and they give you flowers. It's nice.

 This was me and Brandon, He was the main evening wear designer and head of all the interns. Under me of course.

Here I am saying "Peace Out Betsey Johnson!"

My last day also happened to be Betsey Johnson's Holiday Party. 

Here we are again saying a final Good bye.

Living in New York was one of the funnest times of my short lived life. Now that you've seen what I did with Betsey. Stay tuned for next time when I show you more fun times I had with some of my still very good friends, The Webster Girls!



  1. This is sooooo cool! I would LOVE to live in New York City for a little while! How fun! :)

    MariannaDelightfully Dunn

  2. How freakin cool is that!!! so jealous!! That would be a dream for me!! Did you get a lot of clothing?