Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bikini Ready

I've been telling myself for the last six months that after I graduated from school I would get myself into shape! College really takes a toll on your body, and food is just an after thought. I never ate breakfast and sometimes skipped lunch. By the time dinner came around I was so hungry I didn't want to waste time with cooking, so I would run and grab fast food from whatever I could find that was open. And then since I was up so late I would end up snacking until 2 am! So NOT healthy!

Years ago when I was still in high school my mom tried this work out program called Slim in Six and sure enough, six weeks later she had a rockin' hot beach body. I have tried this a few times but never got past the first couple of weeks. I am just not motivated. I've decided to try it again and this time hopefully stick with it! I would like to lose at least 8 pounds before the end of this month and then start eating right so that by the time my Dad's Mexican cruise wedding comes along in October I'll be looking Hot!

I'm going to run to Target and get a scale, I'll be sure to keep everyone posted! Wish me luck!


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