Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things that REALLY un-float my boat!

I like to consider myself a fairly normal tempered person. I'm cheerful and for the most part, have a positive outlook on life. I mean, I can't complain, my life is pretty darn good! Still there are some things that set me off. Things that really burst my bubble, grind my gears and drive me nuts!

One of my biggest pet peeves is putting on a sweater, sweatshirt, shirt with long sleeves, etc. and having my hand come out with a loose hair. It FREAKS me out! So much so that I will actually pull both sleeves inside out and meticulously search for stranded hairs. To avoid this happening with anything else, I get dressed last in my morning routine so that hopefully all loose hairs will have evacuated my body and I will be safe for the rest of the day.

Another thing I cannot stand, is children in the bar area of a restaurant. I think it's tacky, and completely inappropriate. Especially when I, a legal adult with legal adult friends are not able to sit at a table in the bar because five kids under the age of seven are sitting there with their two parents instead. It is not against the law in the state of California, (although I think it should be.) And the manager at BJ's (a pizza  
joint and brewery for those of you who don't know and giggled at the name) was very rude to me when I questioned the situation.

Which brings me to my next bugbear. Customer service!  Being in the customer service business myself, I know the importance of "the customer is always right" and the idea that the service or product should always meet the customer's expectations. I realize that nobody is perfect- including your's truly, but if you mess up, apologize, fix it and call it a day. 

I HATE when people stop in weird places. Like when shopping in a crowded mall and suddenly the person in front of you stops to think about where they are going. Or when a gossiping teenager stops in her steps to digest the information given to her through her cell phone. Or when people stop at the bottom of an escalator! I'm steaming just thinking about it!

I also hate when making a right hand turn, the person in front of you waits for the light to turn green before actually turning when they could have gone on the Red! 

It's annoying when guys come over to my house, use my restroom and then leave the toilet seat up! UGH! That's okay to do at your house... But not in mine!

I think it's so RUDE when I hold open a door for someone and they do not thank me. Were you raised by wolves? C'mon!

It's so stupid when ladies wear ridiculously fashionable shoes but then can't walk in them!

When class is pro-longed because someone has to ask lame questions that don't matter.

When people are mean to their parents in public.

When you send an email to a potential employer and then realize you've made a grammatical  error, even though you triple checked it before you hit "send." I did this today and I'm kicking myself. So lame!

Lastly, I cannot and will not eat foods of all the same color in a meal. It's okay if two things are the same color, just not more than that. And there has to be another colorful food item along with it. I just don't feel the meal can be that healthy for you if it doesn't have color and it's so boring on the plate. I need variety!

Clearly I have lots and lots of personal gripes, and the list could continue. I'm sure your'e all probably thinking "Sweet Jesus, this girl is crazy!" It actually felt good to get some of the pent up steam out from todays latest pet peeves. 

So tell me Diary Readers, what really ticks you off?


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  1. Funny you should post this as I posted a pet peeve/vent themed post today as well!

    Totally don't think you're crazy as I can relate to just about all of these!