Friday, July 8, 2011

Things you should know if we are going to be BFF's!

My friend Stress Case (I still need to come up with a good name for her) and I had a long conversation while we were on our way to Arizona for Extreme Arizona 2011 4th of July weekend (pics to come soon) about blogging, and she gave me some advice from what she's learned in her blogging experience.

One of the things I like most about her blog is that you really get a good sense of who she is. She talks about her life and the people in it. And while I would like to focus more on the things I like and find interesting, it might be nice to incorporate a little bit more about moi! So here it goes Things you should know about me if we are going to be Besties.

I was born in Alaska, grew up in Washington and live in California
I'm working my way down the coast. My mom teases me and says I'll be moving to
Mexico next!

I have a thing for mustaches. If a man looks like he walked off a 1970's album cover
I'll probably be swooning! However, I've always had a thing for clean cut small town men. I would so much rather have a man build me a house than buy me one, Handy men are sexy... If your'e from Snohomish, you know what I mean. ( I totally just went on a tangent.) 

I cannot and will not eat an entire meal that is all only one color. Casseroles are hard for me, 
unless there are colored veggies in it for variety. It freaks me out. For example: I just made 
mac and cheese and want juice. I'll pick cranberry over apple because apple is too similar in color. Strange I know but because of this all my meals are colorful and varied! (Just went on another tangent. I do this alot.)

Speaking of drinks, I prefer beer to liquor. I still like fun and fruity beverages, but there is something about beer that I love!

I can't swim.... At least not very well.

I was an extra at the age of 9 in the Seattle based movie Mad Love, starring Drew Barrymore and Chris O'Donnell.

I LOVE all things Disney. 

I'm slightly obsessed with my little puppy Roxie the Doxie, and plan to write a children's book one day in her honor.

This is Roxie. Isn't she beautiful?

I have two degrees. An Associates Arts Degree in Fashion Design and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Interior Design.

Me and my family the day of my graduation from the Art Institute of Orange County for Interior Design! Yay me!
Left to Right: Daddy, Step-Mom Debbie, Me, Mama, Little bro and Grandma Joanie

I used to work for Betsey Johnson, and will have a post about a few of my experiences there soon!

Me and Betsey at her NYC Showroom

I may have had the worst "Blonde moment" ever this last weekend. I'm too embarrassed to say what it was, but it was really stupid. 

In my free time I used to draw alot! Pin-ups are my favorite!
These were drawn years ago. One day I'd like to make a collection of them!

Now that you know a little bit about me, I would really like to know about you! Please share!

Idea copied from Stress Case.


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  1. First of all...dachshunds are my FAVORITE! I have a mini one named Turbo and he's black & tan with white spots. I'm jealous you have two!

    Secondly, congrats on getting two degrees! I went to interior design school, but ended up dropping out after about 2 years to become a teacher.

    And lastly, you are an amazing artist :) like wow!