Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tinsel Town Homes

When I was in school studying fashion, I used to take apart clothing in my head and envision what the pattern pieces would look like flat on the table. Now that I am in interior design, clothes seem less important than they used to. Instead of pattern pieces, I look at whatever house or building I happen to be in and check to make sure the safety codes are correct, the lighting is sufficient and of course, I judge the decor! The best part about this curse 'hobby' is I don't always have to leave my house to judge the inside of a place, movies work too! One of my favorite things about watching movies are the sets. The interior of a house or apartment helps depict who the character is and usually where they are living. James Radin is one of my favorite (movie) interior designers with his work featured in movies like 'Somethings Gotta Give', 'The Holliday' and 'It's Complicated'. Here is a little peak at some of his work.

The Holiday

This is Amanda's (Cameron Diaz's) house located in Los Angeles. I love how contemporary the look of 'California Style' can be, there is something so inviting about it.

The house was built in 1920

The natural colors are so pretty and airy!

This entertainment center is A-Mazing!

The lighting in this kitchen is so rustic and spunky.

I would die for this bathtub


This is Iris's (Kate Winslet's) Rose Hill cottage located in Surrey, England

So cozy! I would love to read a book in this room with a mug of hot chocolate.

The fire place in the kitchen is so cute!

Somethings Got To Give

Erica Barry's (Diane Keaton's) beautiful Hampton's beach house. The light colors with the dark wood flooring is so dreamy!

Aren't the decorative plates chic?

It's Complicated

This is Jane's (Meryl Streep's) Santa Barbara ranch. I love the Spanish accents and architecture. So gorgeous!
The rustic exterior is so fabulous! I adore the large potted vases.

These arched doorways are so pretty!

I would love to bake anything and everything in this kitchen. *sigh*

Claw foot tub? Yes please! 

I cant decide which I like better, Cameron's Los Angeles Home or Meryl's Santa Barbara Ranch!

Each of the houses James designed are very different but they all still have a warm cozy feeling, with soft colors and modern touches. He is a perfect example of the kind of designer I aspire to be.


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  1. I love all three of these movies and one of the reasons that stands out for me are the interior decor. Love it!