Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sexy Sunday!

Last Saturday, Downtown Los Angeles became a little bit tacky and a lot more fun when the Hooters of Downtown LA hosted it's grand opening. To celebrate the opening of the chain's new flagship location, a VIP party was held with guests including celebrity athletes, the Kings Ice Crew and yours truly! With an after party held in Icon LA Ultra Lounge, This party was beyond  sexy and therefore qualifies for this week's Sexy Sunday!

How did I get invited to such a fabulous soirĂ©e? Nurse Bestie aka Stress Case was kind enough to invite me! I know right? Turns out her ginger hubby's mama had an in to the party and hired a limo to pick us all up in Orange County and take us to Los Angeles. It was soo O.C. Housewives! The best part, or one of the many, was that there was booze in the limo so we were able to pre-game on the way there! I may have partied a little too hard, but it happens to the best of us and we had a fantastically sexy time!

On our way!

Hooters and Icon Ultra Lounge located on 1248 Figueroa Street. Photo by: Glamtography


Photo by: Glamtography

Photo by: Glamtography

It took 4 Hooters girls before we could find one who agreed to let us take this picture

Although you wouldn't believe it, there were three other people who came to the party with us, but apparently they were the picture takers and Nurse Bestie and I were the life of our party! 

Hope you all had a sinfully sexy weekend!


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