Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sexy Sunday!

I have been putting off this post because I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to use it. I could go more risqué or keep it PG13. Also my parents read this so I don't want it to be too graphic, but I still want it to be a little naughty! I've decided that this will be a weekly post with fun and sexy articles, tips, photos, quotes and tidbits about my life, both risqué and PG13. So Dad, if your'e reading this, put your blinders on!

This week will be: Which Lingerie Styles Suit Your Body

Like with bathing suit shopping, I am clueless about how to shop for my body. I was built kind of like a ruler so its hard to find things that fit me. Of course when it looks good, I get it, but what always looks good? The key is accentuating the positive! Here are some tips of what to look for when shopping for your body shape.

Large Bust
Women with a D cup or higher may want more coverage and support. Search for a pre-molded cup shaped bra, to keep everything in place. The style is comfortable and seamless. A sexy halter slip is also great for big bosomed ladies. It accentuates the bust without showing everything!

Try this super cute Butterfly Blue "Botanic" Satin Bra from Fig Leaves

Or this Sexy Babydoll Halter by Victoria's Secret

Pear Shaped
Ladies who have smaller tops and curvier bottoms should try a padded bra to give the girls more volume and make things a little more proportionate. On the bottom, try a brief that if high-cut on the sides with a lower rise. Also a sexy chiffon gown or chemise works to down play the hips and keep eyes focused on the upper body, try super thin straps or none at all!

Check out this cute "Starry Babydoll" Chemise from Victoria's Secret

"Lacie" Briefs From Victoria's Secret

Betsey Johnson "Rebel Rose Bump" Push Up Bra from Nordstrom

Full Figured Mama
Curves are no longer under wraps! Actress Christina Hendricks and Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian are perfect examples of beautiful vivacious women. Try looking for bras that are pre-paded in shape with a wire support. Also, bustiers or retro style high-waisted briefs are sexy and show off the good parts while slimming the troublesome. If you feel more comfortable covered, there are lots of cute satin robes that you can find that often come as a set with lingerie. These can be tied low around the waist and create a sexy plunging vertical neck-line. But don't feel that you have cover up anything! Women who are confident in their body are Sexy and can therefore pull off anything!

Toccara Jones in sexy high-waisted retro briefs and matching bra 

I love this sapphire blue steel-boned corset by Hips and Curves

This cover up is so sexy! "Satin Kimono Wrap" by Victoria's Secret

Ruler Shaped Like Me!

When finding lingerie for a body with no curves, create the illusion of them! Choose bras with ruffle detailing and two-tones to suggest an hourglass shape. A high-cut thong with a fun detailing will accentuate legs and will add the illusion of curvature by creating a focal point. 
The Felina "Uptown Girl" Push-up Bra from Bare Necessities is so Hot!

I adore this Cotton Lace-up thong from Victoria's Secret!


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